Tuesday, November 10, 2009

~ ROTF Human Alliance Bumblebee

Human Alliance is a brand new Transformers toy line that comes with a human figure. This toyline looks similar to Alternators or Binaltech series to me. The price is set in between Voyager and Leader class. This series comes with a very nice packaging.

Sam Witwicky.

I love this Camero.

The car has a transparent blue-ish green windscreen.

This HA Bumbleebee is made from metallic orange-ish yellow plastic while deluxe figure is made from plain yellow plastic.

The bottom view of the car. Check out the Bumblebee original eyes. I really don't like that pair of big eyes.

The car has interior like the Alternators or Binaltech.

Sam fits nicely in the car. =D

The full view of Bumblebee (BB). He is almost the same size as Voyager Class.

You only need to pull out the chest part during transformation.

I have modified the eyes so that it looks more accurate.

Now you see my face.

Now you don't. This HA BB comes with the battle mask !!! Very nice !!! You just need to slide down the mask. That's it =)

A great view on the detail of his arm.

His left hand fingers are movable.

Here's a biggest dissapointment for many Transformers fans. The leg is not accurate !!! That's the complain I heard from many Transformers collector.

This is BB's foot.

His back has a cannon and small machine gun. Sam can use that machine gun to join in the battle field. =)

A view of his back. I feel the transformation here is incomplete. Inside the body only has a flat skeleton? O.o

The cannon and the bullet. Two bullets are provided.

Sam sitting beside the cannon.

Sam is about 2.5 inches tall only and has 8 points of articulation i.e. head, 2x shoulder joint, waist, 2x abdomen and 2x knee. I am surprised that this figure is quite detail and looks like the real Sam. xD

Overall comments:
  1. Great detail.
  2. Has car interior.
  3. Comes with Human figure.
  4. Good paint job.
  1. Non-accurate legs design.
  2. No special gimmick for this figure except his gun.
  3. The gun is quite small.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

~ 2010 Hotwheels & Matchbox Haul ?

Today, I went to collect my Transformers in Mid Valley. It has been almost 4 months I didn't hunt for Hot wheels and Matchbox. I believed I have missed out many goodies on the past few months. Since I was already in the mall, I just go to the toy department to checkout some new toys. I didn't expect there are new waves for Matchbox (Maybe it is already an oldwave to some collectors, I am not sure as I didnt follow up the new release since July). What suprised me is the Matchbox priced at RM4.90 only which is cheaper than the last 7 Eleven promotion !!! At the same time Mattel also released some 2010 edition cars. In Carrefour, I saw many nice cars such as Covertte ZR1, 67 camero, Tool???? (I forgot the name, it has a tail looks like 'spanar') and many nice repaint with nice tempo in this new wave but I only bought 4 cars as each car still cost me RM6.50. I believe Carrefour will have "Buy 3 free 1" promotion in future?

Volkswagon Beetle (2010 Premier, a cute edition ?? xD) & 2010 Mustang (2009 Premier)

2008 Viper SRT10 ACR edition (2010 Premier)

I bought this Viper is because of the art on the card ==" , very nice ~

63' Custom Cadillac (2009 Premier)

This Cadillac looks like Evil Twin......detail !!!

61' Jaguar E-Type (Just buy it because it is painted in my favourite color =p )

Car number plate on the bonnet? =.="

Chevy Impala (Fire Rescue Edition)

GMC Metro School Bus

64' Austin Mini Cooper (Detail !!! )

Honda Civic Type-R (White colour !!! The original color for Type R )

Ford GT (Chrome metal polished finishing, I like chrome car !!!)

Routemaster London Bus (4th Colour ?!)

Ice Cream Cruiser (Cute !!! )

Hotwheels also released a Ice cream van in this new wave.


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