Sunday, May 31, 2009

~ Bburago Saab Aero-X concept

I am very sorry for updating my blog for 1 month. I have to settle my college "massive" works including assignments and exams. I have very limited time for hunting toys this year. However, I feel lucky to find one concept car while helping my brother to search for transformers! This concept car is elegant yet give me the futuristic design feel. This die-cast car is in 1/43 scale comes with 2 types of color; black and white. I took the white instead of black. The detail of this car looks more "striking" with white body.

There is a printed logo on front of bonnet instead of using sticker. The headlamps are transparent.

However, I am quite disappointing with the rims. I think Bburago can improve design of the rims. I am very sure this 1/43 series will be more sellable if they have more accurate rims.

The "roof" is transparent! Cool!

Very nice detail rear lamps! I like it!

It has black plastic base, Made in China.


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