Monday, October 27, 2008

~ Collection Part 3 Update

Finally able to arrange my action figures (Marvel heroes) nicely!!! Hehe my only action figures collections =) I love them a lot.....The Hulk is the greatest among all of them......Smash!!!

~ My Volkswagon Beetle Collections

Hehe, heres my small beetle collection from Autoart, Maisto, Hot wheels and Real toy. Since I was young, I have been fall in love with this car as it has a cute and sporty looks !!! The Yellow 1/18 Beetle is from Auto Art. Unfortunately, some 1/43 scale beetles are unable to fit into this display cabinet =(

Friday, October 17, 2008

~ HW Lancer Evo rally version (Dio)

Wao! Long time I didnt update my blog. Recenly, I bought one Hot wheels Lancer Evo. I saw many people customize their so i decided to do something different by creating diorama. :P Here's some preview photo and background still work in progression.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

~ JD Mustang GTR Concept

Heres my very first Jada car from DUB City series. I got it loose from US ebay. It is a concept model, Mustang GTR Concept. It's in 1/64 scale.

All the detailing on this car are painted in black, no seperation of parts. I like the the matt black bonet =)

The rear lamps are painted in red.

Jada has better quality in terms of detailing and paintjob compare to brand which has almost price tag such has maisto.

I has a "GTR" wording painted at the side and side exhaust pipes painted in silver color.I like the chrome rims the most making this GTR to have a more "high class" looks. The rim design is very nice.

Let us have a look here on different car. All the 3 cars shown below : Mustang(Jada) , Civic(Tomica), Integra (Racing Champion) are in 1/64 scale. In my opinion, I think Tomica has the most accurate size since it has the average size amongst them.

Rubber tires with tread!!! Nice details!!!

It has black painted metal base and is made in China.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

~ Tomica Jeep Wrangler

Jeep!!! Jeep!!! I am so excited when I saw this Jeep Wrangler. I always buy sport cars, but once a while buy different types of vehicle makes me feels good too!!! This Jeep is in 1/64 scale and is painted in yellow which is actually my favourite. The box is kinda big but very light compare to other cars as this jeep has small chassis. However, I still loves it. =)

The head lamps are painted in silver while the hazard/signal lamps are painted in orange. I didn't add any additional colouring on this jeep. The centre ventilation part, front bumper, side skirting, and side skirting is painted in black. The downside part is that I have seen a few Jeep bumpers colour is painted unevenly.

The details on this jeep actually looks excellent for me. =)

The is a small "Jeep" logo near the door on both sides. Side hazard lamps are painted in orange located in front of the side bumper. The rims are special on this jeep but I hope Tomica can produce a star shaped rims for this jeep if there is new color to be released in the future.

From the top, you can see there is a few additional details on the bonet. The windscreen is made from transparent plastic which is then fix on the jeep. I really appreciate Tomy can paint the plastic parts to have almost similar with yellow color metal body. Cool!!!

The rear lamps are painted in red. There is a "Jeep" logo on the spare tyre casing which is made from black plastic.

The black bar at the back is made from black plastic. All the other detail on the body is painted in black.

The tires has some track/pattern on them which make them looks more realistic and looks like rubber tires. This Jeep has black palstic base and is produced in 2007 by Tomy, China.

~ Collection Part 2 Update


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