Saturday, February 23, 2013

~ KRE O Transformers Bruticus

This is Kre O version of Bruticus. One of the most famous Decepticons combiners in Transformers. This set actually comes with 4 mini figures . There are 79 pieces of bricks.

Blast off is not included in this set. You need to buy it separately from Blind pack. Remember to check out the secret code on the plastic bag before you buy.

He looks awesome.Actually, I already customize this Bruticus. I forgot to take a photo of the actual build up design by Kre o instruction manual. I really enjoy customizing "Lego" when I was a kid. Let's see how "PRO" is your customization level.  

It can do some basic action pose. I like this series. There are news about new release of more Kre O combiners recently. I still not yet buy the Superion set.

Let the war begins !!! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

~ Transformers Fall of Cybertron Battle Ultra Magnus, Jazz, Optimus Prime

A group photoshots of 3 robots from Fall of Cybertron series. My love for this series is growing in me everyday !!! I can't wait for more new upcoming release especially the Takara Tomy version. For your information, the Jazz is from Takara while others are from Hasbro.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

~ SD Rider Kids Kamen Rider OOO Appearance !!! (Joker, Double, Eternal)

I had been searching for this set for quite a long time. Last time it was sold out fast when it was released and unable to see it restock. Last year checked eBay international selling each of the Tatoba form for USD8-9 without shipping. Luckily manage to get a full set this year and receive it before Chinese New Year. I must say this set is a must get. The detail is good and sharp especially Extreme and Eternal. For you information, they are about 2 inch tall and made from soft vinyl.

I did not expect extreme green part painted with metallic green. Nice !!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Wishing everyone Happy New Year here !!! May your dream comes true. Have wonderful, prosperous and healthy year !!! Yea, don't just think about money all the time, health is also important. Remember a new year, earn your money in a legitimate way !!! Enjoy your holidays and collect more ang paussss to those who is still applicable =)


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