Wednesday, December 31, 2008

~ Tomica Subaru Impreza WRX STi (2008)

New 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STi from Tomica. In this few months, Tomica has released a few new models in the real cars also released in 2008. That is really fast from Tomica. Cool!!!

This Subaru is in 1/59 scale.

As usual, Subaru favourite colour is blue.

The headlamps lamps are painted in silver. There is a small Subaru logo in front. I have added detail by adding black lining around the headlamps and painted the spotlight in silver. All the other black parts originally painted by Tomica.

The side hazard lamps painted in silver. The doors are sealed. This Subaru has suspension.

There are 2 black linings running across the roof of the car.

There is a small Subaru logo at back as well. The rear lamps are painted in silver. Besides that, there are 2 tiny wordings below the right rear lamps. "STi" in red while "Impreza" in silver.

It has black base and was Made by Tomica China in 2008.

The best part is the bonet can be opened!!! Cool!!! I added the detail in the "engine". Actually, its blue except the inner part with silver is painted by Tomica. I hope Tomica will release the limited version!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

~ SD Gundam Impulse (Gashapon)

I wonder how many people collect SD Gundam gashapon version. I have been searching around many Malaysia's forum including forum specializes for Gundam but I can't find any SD gashapon collectors. I guess they are not popular in Malaysia. I have been collecting them since year 2000. But I stop after 2001 till 2005 as I couldn't find any capsules with SD Gundam. I continue to collect it back when I was working in a shopping mall. I walked around during my freetime in the mall. Suddenly, I found a gashapon machine that has SD Gundam capsules. So I tried my luck. However, everytime I only took 3 spin at the most for each series as these SD has new design over the time. Each SD cost 100yen. Each spin of these SD cost RM4 = 1 capsule token at Malaysia. They are kinda pricey but their cuteness and "playability" attracted me.

Its prepainted and is around 3cm tall. I think their mold and design looks better than SD BB Impulse. This SD Gundam Impulse is from "SD Gundam Full Colour Custom 3" series.

It can change colour. This is how impulse looks like before the special "battle system" is activated. Hehe, actually this grey Impulse is from another series i.e. special custom stage.

It has joints!!! Body parts and weapons can be separated. However, the waist is attached to upper body i.e. no joint. Too bad. If I am not mistaken, most of the Gundam's waist can twist starting from Gundam OO series. The specialty of this new generation of SD custom series is allowing you to combine multiple parts from other Gundam or MS to form a new MS or MA!!! This mean you can create your own Dream Gundam with your imagination + creativity!!! Japan even has special competitions for these kind of SD!!!

The features:
  • Maker: Bandai
  • Year of released: 2006
  • Series: SD Gundam Full Colour Custom 03 (Gashapon)
  • Material: PVC
  • 1.5" tall
  • Has limited joints
  • Painted
  • Customizable

Let's do some "Matrix" actions. xD The best part that I like is no need to worry these SD gonna break if they fall down as they are made from semi elastic PVC.

However, I am getting dissapointed with the new series of these SD as Bandai kept on reissuing the same mold but with different colour scheme. The worst part is plain transparent SD version. Anyway, if anyone get extra SD Strike Noir, Strike Freedom gundam gashapon version please let me know. We can have a small trade. ;)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

~ NEWS: Choro Q S2000 s and RX8 Police Patrol

Finally, after a very long wait. New Choro Q series have arrived in our local stores!!!

Cool aggressive design. New bumpers and skirting.

Added a new patrol car in my collection :P

I temporary only saw these 2 cars, still haven't seen 46,52,54,55,56,57.....I am still looking for the Hummer H2 and new 2008 Subaru. Anyone has any idea?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

~ Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Image adapted from Christmas- greetings

I wish everyone Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year =D Take care and enjoy these wonderful holiday seasons.

~ Hotwheels Lancer Evo Rally (Diorama)

Yes, finally completed my rally version diorama =) However, the final result doesn't meet my expectation. I failed to create sand "spreading/ spilling" effect. I will try to make another again. This Hot Wheels Mitsubishi Evolution is from 2008 Hot wheels stars series.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

~ Hotwheels Ferrari 250 GTO (2009 FE)

I think these 3 years since 2007-2009 must be Ferrari Fever !!! Mattel non-stop released Ferrari in both Hot Wheels and Shell products!!! Hot wheels special Ferrari series were released since 2007. Do you remember the gold Ferrari Enzo? The good news are you can collect variety colour and design of Ferrari's while bad news are you have to prepare loads of "bullets" if you wish to collect all the special series otherwise you will get a "huge hole" in your pockets. On 2008 and 2009, there are already 3 Ferrari released in First edition series which I know are FXX, 288 GTO and 250 GTO.

OK! Now let us see the 2009 First Edition 250 GTO. I must say it's a must get classic sport car!!!

Actually, the lamps are not painted. I forgot to take the photo before i painted those headlamps. There is a small Ferrari logo in front.

The door handle are originally painted in silver. The is a Ferrari logo at side as well.

All the silver detailing are originally painted by Mattel. Mattel are getting good at detailing!!!

Here is the best part; All the rear lamps, number plate and silver detailing are originally painted by Mattel as well. I love it!!!

It comes with black plastic base and was made in Malaysia.

Here is the car that I added detailing on it to make it looks nicer as I love this Ferrari very much.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

~ Hotwheels Speed Racer (1/64) !!!

Woohoo!!! Finally my exams over!!! As promised to show my Monday haul i.e. Speed Racer from Hotwheels!!! I got them at very good bargain =) too bad only left few models for me to choose. Luckily, I still manage to get all the "Mach" cars including an exlusive red transparent Mach 4. Below are my favourite models.

Very cool transparent Mach 4!!!

Mach 5

Racer X

A closer look at Mach 6!!!

Now I understand why the cars are quite pricey at retail. The first thing that I noticed is great packaging. Front and back of the card are very colourful and attractive. Next, Mattel included extra movie accesories and movie booklets. Every car comes with one type of "weapon" and booklet. The car can install up to 4 weapons!!! Cool!!! The car is slightly larger than normal HW cars. However, the downside of the 1/64 Speed racer produced by Mattel are fully made from plastic. Maybe Mattel is trying to cut production cost. But hey! Think positively, at least there are no rough plastic edges finishing. I did notice a few model of HW basic has rough metal edges. Anyway, Mattel still able to add a layer of gloss coating/finishing to made the cars looks more attractive. Movie edition cars are limited + Speed Racer cars really have very unique design. Get yours now as soon as possible before they are gone. Hope I can find the Mach 5 & Racer X in desert edition soon.

Sorry, I am unable to reveal the actual price that I bought them due to someone who is jealoused of what I have until spammed my blog. I had deleted those comments. If you really interested to give comment about the toys that I posted, you are most welcome. However, if you are intended to discriminate about other things etc. Please leave my blog now. "Really such a childish act". I really pity those people. May God bless them. Anyway, to my friend who interested to know about the price can email me for enquiry. Thanks=)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

~ Yey !!!!

Woo hoo!!! Last afternoon I spent again!!! Oh no!!! Guess what I bought??!
It's some limited stuff and movie collectibles.............No worry I will show here ;) Very soon....wait for me!!!


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