Wednesday, June 27, 2012

~ Transformers United Nemesis Black Optimus Tokyo Toy Show 2012 (Part 2)

The Nemesis Prime !!! Who can resist blacky?!! He is awesome. Let's continue the review...

Front view. 

Side view. 

Truck top cover can be plugged into the back. It looks like turtle shell. 

It is amazing to see that the "shell" can transform into a blaster gun. It can be used as cannon gun and assembled on top like in the photo.

Double weapons!!! He has two guns !!! I always like double guns or double swords action figure. 

I retouched up the 4 green "lights" on his chest. The original paint seems too be too light and uneven.

He really has nice color scheme as usual for Nemesis Prime. Hasbro did released Nemesis version few years back but with more bluish grey parts. I prefer this version. Teal stripes on Nemesis Prime blends well as well as the red parts !!! 

As you can see clearly in this photo. He has Destron/ Decepticons insignia on both sides of shoulder.

Final comments:
  1. This is a great figure not to be missed. If you can afford him. Get him !!! Takara and Hasbro has released this mold many times. I doubt they will released him again future.
  2. The joints are tight except shoulder joints can't support the big cannon properly.
  3. The seems to be has some "wear & tear" since the main mold has been used many times. Certain parts like the back area and arms have rough edges.
  4. Encountered some paint chips and scratches on this figure.
  5. He has waist and chest joint but limited turning points. Average articulations. No wrist joints and foot cannot swing to left or right directions.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

~ Transformers United Nemesis Black Optimus Prime Tokyo Toy Show 2012

This is the latest released of Tokyo Toy Show limited Black Optimus. I prefer to call him Nemesis Prime as he has Destron Ingsinia. It is voyager class. I got him at around RM280 which is expensive.

The box is in black and white. You can't choose the best paint-job this time !!!

The contents.

I will continue the review in next post. Stay tune !!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

~ SD Seed Zaku Warrior Green (NEXT)

SD Zaku from the Gundam Seed series. This is gashapon version THE NEXT series. The eyes are movable. Can turn left or right.

These are the parts that you will get. 

Gas tank at the back. 

The gun connector can turn. A nice simple gimmick.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

~ BAKUC 2012 Malaysia Sungei Wang (Part 2)

SD Wing Gundam. Did you notice any special about this SD? The light up feature !!! Nice !!!

08th MS team.

Prototype Sinanju. 

Sinanju in factory.

Friday, June 15, 2012

~ DX Kamen Rider Belt complete list and photos

Are you a Kamen Rider DX belt collector? If yes, I have found a useful link for you !!! This website is set up by Bandai and has complete belt list. Check it out what you might have missed out !!! The First DX is Black's belt released in the 80's. That is really classic !!!

DX Belt list <<< Link to 3rd party website.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

~ GBWC 2012 MG Devil Deathscythe

I think in my opinion this custom version looks the best among all the submission in SG Wang. I did not attend the Mines one so can't say it's the best GBWC submission.

This Gundam looks more like a statue now.

The head looks a bit too plain. Added more details to the face should looks better. Anyway, I like the details on the shoulder armor.

Back view of wings.

Friday, June 8, 2012

~ BAKUC 2012 Malaysia Sungei Wang ( Part 1)

This event is held at Sungei Wang plaza lower ground floor from 4th till 10th June 2012. There are two venue actually, another one at The Mines last week which I didn't attend.

Wing Zero Custom in Epyon Color scheme. 

Doraemon Accguy??? It is holding Dorayaki.

MG Titus super punch !!! This is Iron-man favorite pose.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

~ Hotwheels Honda S2000 Super Treasure Hunt ??

I bumped into this car few days ago. I was walking pass-by a mall after I bought some Gundam kits and went have a look since I already reached there. The first car that attracted my attention is Camaro police car, so I kneel down and have a look at it. Too bad the paint has some sort of finger print mark on it bonnet so I placed it back. Then, I stand up and saw a car like has special rims hanging on the outermost peg which I haven't seen before. It is Honda S2000 and I said wow in my heart !!! I had been looking for S2000 for quite some time as I don't have it yet especially the red and yellow are very sporty. I saw sellers in Amcorp selling S2000 a RM20-RM25 each. Anyway, at the same time I feel weird. The car has rubber tires. I wonder why??? I flip the card all over to find the word Treasure Hunt word but couldn't find any. I thought Treasure Hunt now has no Treasure Hunt word and no green labels. I think Mattel should do this in my humble opinion so the hunting is more exciting. I bought it and searched on the net. After searching Ebay, I realized it is call hidden Treasure Hunt. It is the same case with Volkswagen Beetle and Van few years back. Another hidden Treasure Hunt is the cute old Beetle. Good luck in hunting.

No green label on card. 

It has painted headlamps and chrome base. 

This is the first time I see this type of rim. I guess it is new design. It has been so long I didn't check the news of new Hot Wheels. I like it. It's unique and detail. There is a "TH" on top of the number 12. 

The rear part. The lamps are very detail to me. Hot Wheels did a great job. It is almost like Matchbox. I prefer this type of painted color compare to plastic lamps. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

~ Choro Q Volkswagen New Beetle

Finally, I manage find a Choro Q version. My favorite car, New Beetle. Added one more bug into my Beetle collections. It was released many years back. I bought it in loose used condition from Japan at almost triple the price of retail. I think still worth it. I missed out the yellow version in previous auction.

It has Volkswagen logo. Impressive !!! 

White rims quite match this sexy pink.

Unfortunately, the back don't have the logo.

It was Taiwan made. First Choro Q was made in Japan, then Taiwan, now China. But, the QC is better than China.


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