Thursday, August 23, 2012

~ Transformers Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime (Robot mode)

Here is the latest version of Optimus Prime design based on the Fall of Cybertron 2012 game. It is the deluxe class version. Some people may not like this design. It looks like combination of LEGO and Revoltech to me. But it is still a good figure. Let us go through the simple review.

The box art and box design looks simpler compared to earlier version of War of Cybertron toy. 

Optimus Prime still retain his cool and strong leadership looks. 

The side view. 

Now, here comes a problem which is his back has many ugly empty holes. I don't like this type of holes which make the figure looks cheap and simple. If you collect Gundam model kit, you will know what I mean. 

A closer looks on the chest and waist. He has waist articulation which is great !!! I like figure that has waist joint. Transformers figure often ignore this. 

Super kick !!! Yes, he can stand with single leg. 

Optimus can do many action poses. 

He can do running pose. I like this pose which suits the card image. Another good view here if you can notice his action. His head can looks up !!! This is the second figure that I notice which can look up after Armada deluxe Optimus. 

He can kneel down naturally as well, no problem. 

I will add a few photos more. I forgot to take a size comparison photo. Anyway, he is smaller than usual deluxe class size which is quite close to TF Prime series. He is smaller than War of Cybertron Optimus by about one head.

Final Comments:
  1. He has great articulations.
  2. Has waist joint.
  3. Head can looks up.
  4. Can do kneeling pose.
  5. Almost accurate  to CG design.
  6. Has wrist joints.
  7. Simple transformations.

  1. Bad gun design. Simple single piece of plastic.
  2. Many holes on the body.
  3. Smaller size compare to previous series deluxe class by about a head (2cm).
  4. Light.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

~ WCF Kamen Rider RX (Vol 5)

Kamen Ridaarrrr RX !!! He is another classic legend super hero among the 90s generation.... RX evolved from Black. Let us continue the review. Banpresto successfully molded him into deform version.

Kamen Rider Black RX. He has big red bug eyes.

He wears cute little watch which is painted on his left wrist.

Back view. 

Standing side by side comparison with Shadowmoon. RX is slightly taller than Shadowmoon. Looks like Banpresto follow the actual scale. 

The fight continues..... 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

~ The History of LEGO®

I would like to share something special with all of you. It's about LEGO. I believe almost anyone had played and owned LEGO during their childhood. LEGO is fun to play. If you want to know more about LEGO and how LEGO form, then you must watch the following video. LEGO just celebrated their 80th anniversary.

Video credits: LEGOClubTV from Youtube

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

~ WCF Kamen Rider Shadowmoon (Vol 5)

Shadowmoon !!! Another addition of Shadowmoon item to my collection !!! I believe no one will dislike or hate Shadowmoon. He is handsome !!!

The box art. 

He is cool and cute !!! 

Actually, I had added some tiny details on his head. Planned to draw black lining but skipped it in the end. The only inaccurate color of this figure is his mouth piece. It is suppose to have gun metal color in major proportion. 

Close up looks on his body. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

~ WCF Kamen Rider OOO Burakawani combo (Vol 6)

Burakawani combo appeared in the Wonderful movie of 21 core medals movie. The medals were given by a general to Eiji in the ancient world. Want to know more about the story? Then you should watch it !!!

Box art. 

The color is quite nice for Burakawani. The main theme is orange color and has purple eyes. I think he is the first rider to have purple eyes. 

He looks like wearing Singh turban.

This combo forms from 3 types of animals which are python, tortoise and crocodile. His fighting skills are quite special in which his legs can form crocodile mouth and bite the opponents. Anyway, I think some people might not like this combo. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

~ WCF Kamen Rider Putotyra (Vol 6)

Kamen Rider Putotyra the dinosaurs form !!! Roar !!!

The box art. 

The green bug eyes !!! I like them !!! He has nice purple metallic color scheme. 

The details on this figure surprise me !!! Almost on par with Figuarts.

The wings !!! 

The close up of this head sculpt which looks accurate and has nice proportion. 

The chest and belt details !!! 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

~ SD LRX077 Sisquede Gundam (Next)

This is the latest version of SD Gundam gashapon next. It is the LRX077. I do not know about this mobile suit much. It looks like the A.I. pilot version of mobile suit in Gundam X. According to online wiki, it is a prototype mobile suit in SD Gundam G Generation game. The gashapon has 3 versions, but it is just the eyes has different position which are left, center and right. I am more interested with the centered looking eyes.

The parts. 

It has quite good looking design. 

The back wing symbolize "X" like in Gundam X. 

The big gun is cool. I wonder how great is the killing power. 

Next upcoming review.... 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

~ WCF Kamen Rider Hibiki (Vol 6)

I remember I quite dislike the design of Hibiki when I was studying in secondary school time. However, recently I began to like Hibiki after I bought the SIC version last year. He doesn't have the usual Kamen Rider looks nor the design. His design is unique as well as his fighting skill which is based on musical instruments.

The box art.

The close up shots. My unit's face has a tiny sand thou which is quite unlucky. 

I like his tiny belt. :) 

Look at the details of his "drumsticks". I am very impress with the effort of coloring put on this little cute guy by Banpresto. 


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