Saturday, June 21, 2008

~ Tomica Honda NSX-R

Honda NSX-R in sexy beige white !!! It's in 1/59 scale. This NSX is a must have for Honda fans like me !!!

The emblem of this NSX is in red which represent type R while the headlamps are plated with chrome paint looks pretty good on this babe. The black part in front of the bumper is painted with matt black colour to increase the detail on it.

The amount of detail on this car looks good almost identical to real NSX-R. It has black racing rims and suspension. However, this car is fully sealed i.e. no doors or bonet can be opened.

The roof of the car as well as the centre part of the spoiler or wing is painted in gloss black.

The rear lamps of this car is made from transparent red plastic. Luckily it was not painted!!! In order to make this car slightly more detail, I myself had painted the rear reverse lamps in silver. However, I feel very funny when I look at the shapes of exhaust pipes on this babe. I could't modify them as they are made of metal. I hope Tomy can make some tiny hole at the smoke exit point on exhaust pipes in the future for other car.

This NSX was made in China by Tomy and has black base.

Heres come the Type R brothers photo. Hope Tomy will produce Integra Type R as its my favourite Type R.=p

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

~ Tomica Honda S800 Mickey version

This is my 3rd Disney edition Tomica in my collection which I got it recently. I have been looking for this Mickey S800 for so long already. Luckily, it arrived in Malaysia. The scale of this car is 1/51, that means the real car is pretty small. The quality of disney edition car is very good compared to normal edition Tomica but the price is a few bucks more than usual Tomica. Anyway, this is my favourite car among my Tomica collection. The box has "Disney" words and a Mickey picture.

As you can see the bonet has a big "printed" Mickey head and the lamps are unpainted.

Almost all the body of this car is "printed" with Mickey mouse pictures. Very colourful and attractive. Besides that, its really amazing that this car has "suspension".

The black painted roof of the car has some "printed" Mickey comics however the words are too small for me to read them.

I hope that Tomica would add some colour on the back lamps so that this car looks more detail.

The body and base of this car are made from metal!! This 1st edition of S800 was produced in Japan before 90's. That's why you can notice the "Tomica" wording is different from the "Tomica" words nowadays. The base is unpainted and this S800 was made in China.

The doors can be opened!! Cool!!

Posing with mystery edition S800. =)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

~ Tomica price rise!!!

I got this news last week from one of my forum friend. Normal Tomica price will be increased from RM7.90 to RM12.90 effective on 16 June 2008 in Malaysia according to local tomica distributor. Almost 42% increment!!! These few days I have been very busy hunting around, hopefully can get whatever car that I have missed in my collection. So get whatever favourite car or any car that you have missed now!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

~ Fast & furious Acura Integra '94

I got this hot sexy car around 2 weeks ago from a local toy shop while I was trying to hunt for Choro-Q. However, only this model left for me to choose. It is in 1/64 scale and made by Racing Champions in 2002 from fast and the furious series 3.

I like black carbon bonet car. This Integra is one of my favourite sport cars as I like Honda/ Acura very much!!! The headlamps and bumper signal are painted. The bonet is painted in black and the "Acura" logo is printed in between the lamps.

Those wheels are not painted but in red (front wheels) and black (back wheels) as well as the tires are made from plastic . I hope those tires are made from rubber. There are small tiny red " AK" wording printed near the rear rims.

The rear lamps' red colour are the same as the body red colour while the reverse lamps are painted in silver.

The black spoiler is made from black plastic. Besides that, this Integra also have side door mirrors and the interior is quite well made. The red part(Not sure what the part is called) near the sunroof is made from red plastic.

Additional small sports racing brands are printed on the bonet. This car's paintjob is very good compared to small diecast brand such as Maisto, Tomica, Matchbox, Hot wheels. I can say that this car paintjob is as good as those diecast cars produced by Autoart and Kyosho.

As usual, the body is made from die-cast while the case is made from plastic. However, the I am very suprise to found out that the base of this car is quite detail compared to 1/64 Hot wheels, maisto, matchbox and Tomica. The base details can almost match with those 1/18 big scale cars. It was made in China in 2002 by Racing Champions.

Size comparison with other brand: Civic (TOMICA) and Celica(Maisto). All these 3 cars are in 1/64 scale according to their box. I think the Integra is a bit out of scale or too small as you can observe from the photo below.

Hope I am able to find other cars from this series.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

~ Final fantasy mini quiz

Here is another character evaluation mini quiz. Final fantasy!!!
Try it out!!! See what you get?!! Enjoy!!!

Heres the character that i got :P Laguna........
Which Final Fantasy character are you?

Which Final Fantasy Character Are You?

Final Fantasy VII

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

~ More more Tomica festival !!!

Are you craving for more review of tomica?? =) Don't worry i will do the review soon......stay tune.......

Sunday, June 1, 2008

~ Choro-Q Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R

I got this cool and cute looks car from online friend last 2 weeks. It was released by TAKARA in year 2003 and has been reissued in year 2007 by TAKARA TOMY. Unfortunately, I am unable to show you guys how was the old Choro-Q package looks like as I got this car in loose (without package) but I know the whole box is in red.

The headlamp and the body are painted in silver.

Although this car is small (less than 2" / around 4.5cm) but it still has great details on it. Besides that, it also has pull-back action !!!

The brake lamps are painted and its number is 54 in the 2003 series.

This old Choro-Q was made by TAKARA in Taiwan, unlike since 2006 all the Choro-Q are manufactured in China. The base of this car is totally different from the Choro-Q nowadays. The words are in embossed form while the wording on the new Choro-Q is replaced by a hard and thin sticker.

-Old Choro-Q has better quality in terms of paint job compared to those release in 2006 and so on.


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