Sunday, October 28, 2012

~ SIC Masked Rider 2 Old Nigo Ishinomori Store Exclusive

This is another exclusive by sold by Ishinomori store. Rider 2 now has black glossy helmet. Actually this set does not have any special upgrade other than slight changes in the color scheme. I recommend this set for those that do not own Rider 2 yet as the colors looks better and sharper for Nigo if the premium price is not a problem for you. Other changes that I notice is the white stripes at the side of the leg are broader than earlier release. This Rider 2 actually appear in late movie which is Kamen Rider Decade movie.

Beautiful and unique box design which looks like comic book cover. 

Rider 2, Nigo !!! These are the items that you get in this set. 

I like his eyes. Bandai now produce clearer crystal bug eyes like Figurats. A great upgrade !!! The mouth piece can swing down and up to reveal his human form mouth !!! 

~ WCF Kamen Masked Rider Dark Kabuto (Vol.9)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

~ DOTM Transformers Megatron Voyager CH-02

These are what you get from the special set of CH-02 by Takara Tomy. It is like a special edition for collectors to remember the first generation Megatron. Of course, this set figures comes in special edition color which is muddy color. 

Megatron figure designs is over my expectation as a voyager class figure. 

He is very detail.  Some weathering effect added to the body originally. Good job !!! Wish to see this type of weather effect in future release.

Of course, he is equipped with his mechtech version of blaster gun. 

A cape which is made from semi soft rubber is included in this set. Added playability and he looks better with this cape on display. 

The cape can be detach from his shoulder. 

It's actions time !!! Megatron is angry now !!! His face looks a bit creepy....

Running pose !!! I am coming Prime !!! 

His mechtech weapon in actions !!! It looks like some sort of giant clipper !!! 

Final comments: 
  • Megatron is a nice figure. 
  • He is very pose-able with great articulations.
  • He is detail with weathering effect.
  • Slight obstruction at thigh joints that limit the movement.
  • Mechtech function is kinda annoying. The spring loaded weapon can't lock itself properly sometimes.
  • No waist joints which is kinda wasted.
  • This is variation of DOTM Voyager single pack Megatron which is in grey color.
  • Get it if you can afford !!! :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

~ SIC Kamen Rider 6 Riders Special Set limited

This is the limited Tamashii Japan edition of SIC set. This set comes with 6 classic Showa riders. I am not sure why the retail price can go up to 26000 Yen for this set. It doesn't seems that special for me. I bought this set because I don't have this 6 riders. Anyway, the only special thing I think is the new Rider 1 which you can only get him in this set while Rider 2 has minor repaint on the mask. Rider 2 has dark green mask instead of dark blue mask in SIC vol 15. This set shipping cost me a whooping 5000yen !!! The amount of accessories for V3 and Rider-man is less than the SIC vol 18. V3 has no guns now. Other than that, 4 pieces of plastic base is provided for you to display. Is this set worth buying? I don't think so. You can buy this if you are die hard Ichigo fans or don't own any of these riders in this set yet.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

~ WCF Kamen Rider Super Tatoba (Special E prize)

This is special prize or lottery item. I got it at about RM80 which is quite expensive. What to do other than Japan, we got no other place to get it.

The box size is bigger than normal WCF.

He is colorful. The traffic light rider. :D 

Minor paint touch up added to the figure. 

The stand is in smoke black clear version without the WCF word on it. 


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