Sunday, October 31, 2010

~ Maisto Nissan GTR35 Police Need For Speed Edition (1/64)

I am kinda late in getting this babe. I tried to search for it last year but failed. I was surprised to find it at local shopping mall near my house. Great !!! So its better than nothing. This GTR is in 1/64 scale. I prefer to call it R35 as there are so many GTR models. The main reason that it attracted me to buy is because of the police edition and this is the only Need For Speed (NFS) Maisto car in my collection. Other car like golf, Audi R8 and Evo X also quite nice. The Need For Speed Undercover box art.

The details are amazingly done on this model. The paintjob is not that really good but still acceptable.

A small GTR emblem at the grill. There are blue and red strobe lights at the grill. I like that.

Sorry, I have to use flash for the bottom photo so that you can see the police emblem clearer. ;) Chrome rims, bling bling.

There are Nissan and GTR emblems at the back.

My other blue police sports car by Hotwheels ; Gallardo ( Ignore the word Reventon LOL). I regretted that I didnt buy the old Gallardo poilice Edition by Maisto few years back. The scale.....Hmm whats wrong? I notice that Maisto "enlarge" their cars in this series and Pro Rodz line.

Oh yea, this series also provide you code to get bonus car for PC, Xbox, PS3. Perhaps this GTR35? Cool ~

Saturday, October 30, 2010

~ Petit Evangelion NERV Base

I really admire how this Japanese guy review a toy in a creative way. He made it looks fun and interesting with stop motion. I like the sound effects when the figures spin. =p Sounds funny haha.

Video Credits: youheidx from Youtube

Friday, October 29, 2010

~ S.I.C. New Den O Strike Form Toei Limited

I received this cool dude last week. I should have preorder 2 units. He's really awesome has gold metal parts. I afraid it might get oxidized in future so its better for me to keep it in box. The box is so small for a S.I.C. =p

~ My Last October Haul

These are my October final part of haul excluding 3 DG Kamen Rider not in photo. They are "burning" my pockets. T.T

Monday, October 18, 2010

~ S.I.C Kiwami Kamen Rider Blade King Form

This is the first SIC Kiwami set that I opened after I had bought a few. I am not completist for this line thou, I just collect what I like. I prefer this mold compare to the bigger S.I.C as the head sculpt looks nicer. There are no metal parts for Kiwami lines and stand at 3.75" tall only. These are what you get for this set: King form, 2 weapons and six hands.

This set include Bray Rouzer and King Rouzer. Cool ! ~ The paint job is still acceptable. I like the feel when I hold this King form. A nice detail figure.

I am dissappointed with both of these swords because the other side is not painted !!! Yes plain dark blue only. The joints are ok except shoulder joint due to the bulky armor, his hands can't move up which limits the action pose. Oh well, another problem that kiwami line suffers is quite difficult for us to hold the Bray Rouzer properly.

Royal Straight Flush !!!!

A more closer view on the sword.

The sword can be stored at the back just like the big S.I.C.

When King Blade meets Double.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

~ Acute Action Figure Addiction Disorder

Hmmmm....Looks like collecting action figures can be quite dangerous. Oh well, always remind yourself the limit of collecting the toys.

Video Credits: Killerclone from Youtube

~ NEWS: Transformers price increase again and again !!!

According to, deluxe class new price will be RM89.90 while voyager class will be RM139.90. That's increase of almost 50% !!! Wow !!! Some of them said it's just a rumor. I hope it's really rumor. If increase by that price, I will be only restrict myself to collect Jazz, Optimus, Ultra Magnus, Rodimus and Ratchet characters. Hasbro already increased 2 times previously which was RM49.90 only for deluxe class.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

~ HDM Kamen Rider Double W Fang Joker

~ SIC Kamen Rider OOO (Custom)

Kamen Rider OOO in SIC !!! It's really cool that how fast Japanese KR customizer can create a SIC OOO after the OOO tv series screening in Japan not long ago. The sculpt looks great. I like the head and chest !!! What chest??? Many people still can't accept the OOO design. Overall design is ok for me but I hate the original chest design. Lol. However, this guy manage to tun the chest into a cool and solid looking chest armor. He used transparent parts for the chest bringing out a 3D hologram feel. Besides that he also created Ank's incomplete arm. For more details and photos please click the following link:

Credits: kenosyukutaku


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