Sunday, February 26, 2012

~ HDM Kamen Rider Shadowmoon

HDM Shadowmoon finally is here !!! The sculpt is very nice compared to Ultimate solid and SHF series. However, this time Bandai has skipped many important paint details on this figure. The most obvious parts are the mouth piece and neck. They are suppose to be gun metal color. I feel bad as I don't have that color to repaint. Touch up is required on this figure.

The back views. Looks better than SHF series. Better proportion.

The side views.

Added details on the face. The nose, the red, green and yellow dots

Added details on the belt. The paint is out of line on the center transparent green part. Added 3 black linings on each thigh.

The sword is made from plastic. I added tiny red dots on sword holder.

Black and Shadowmoon. They looks very handsome aren't they?

Black VS Shadowmoon !!! The ultimate battle !!!

RX together with Black fight Shadowmoon.

~ HDM Kamen Rider Black

Finally, I received the latest HDM set from Japan last 2 weeks ago. This is one of the best set ever !!! It comes with Legend Black and Shadowmoon. Let's go through the review. As usual gashapon or candy figures need touch up work.

Kamen Rider Black. Added red dot on antenna's tip.

I had touch up and added details on the belt. It was a whole piece silver except that the center red is semi transparent red.

Side view.

Back view.

Posing with Ultimate series RX.

Friday, February 24, 2012

~ Repair Hot Toys Iron Man faded pink panties

Finally, someone showed one of the way to repair the famous faded pink panties on Hot Toys Iron man. What Hot Toys Iron man has problem? Yes....the faded panties !!! Mine MK VI also suffered the same problem even though I keep in box all the while. Ok !!! Talk less, let's watch the tutorial. Anyway, I will try the other method to repair by repaint it. Mine has more serious fading, its almost close to silver !!!

Video Credits: xenom0rph1 from Youtube

Monday, February 20, 2012

~ SHF Figuarts Kamen Rider Shadowmoon (Part 2)

Let us continue the review of Shadowmoon.

The articulations on the hand. The hand cannot raise up to 90 degrees. The side sharp "thrichobotria" on elbow is made from rubber parts which is semi hard.

I am Shadowmoon !!! The details of eyes are not accurate. Inner shape of eyes are suppose to be tiny triangles.

The belt. The transparent green part. I like it. I added green and red dots.

Movable "thrichobotria" part on legs. It is make from rubber parts.

Shadow kick !!!

Extra 2 swords besides satan sword. However, one sword is shorter.

Slash !!!!!!!!! No metal feet for Shadowmoon. Luckily, he still can stand without support of stand when making action pose !!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

~ SHF Figuarts Kamen Rider Shadowmoon (Part 1)

Shadowmoon !!! I think he is one of the most popular rider among rider fans. He is my favorite classic rider although he is a villain. His first appearance is in Kamen Rider Black series. Not long ago, Shadowmoon was reintroduced in Kamen Rider Decade movie.

The box. This box is really nice as it is in chrome. As shiny as a mirror !!! The art at the back is in matt finished instead of glossy surface. I like !!!

The contents. I feel great that Bandai provided complete weapons for Shadowmoon. However, the "Satan" sword is missing the sheath though.

Let's have a look on Shadowmoon. The sculpt or mold is quite nice. But, in my opinion, he still looks skinny especially the chest.

Looking good from the side. However, he has no metal feet. :(

Part 2 coming soon...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012

~ HDM Kamen Rider Roborider

Roborider is my childhood favorite form among all 3 RX forms. He is strong and is the second form of RX. I really like this HDM version as it looks realistic. Roborider does seem kinda look like Robocop's movement as well as using gun as weapon. I like his color scheme. For your information, HDM series required minor assembly especially body parts and antenna.

The back view.

The eyes. The face of Roborider is unique as he has red lined on his face like tears falling down. He is also known as "Sad Prince". Kotaro in RX form felt very sad changed to this form when he thought her "sister" was killed.

A closer view. Actually, I touched up the face on the silver eye brow part. There were a few paint smudges which I sanded off and repaint it. The quality getting bad.

The belt center plastic cover need us to assemble it. Nice detail !!!

Comparison between HDM and HG series.

Now, the HDM looks a lot more accurate. Last time, I thought the HG series very nice but no longer now.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

~ DX Double W belt Korean VS Japan Version

Recently, I was lucky to bump into a review between the difference of Japan and Korean version for the Double belt. Last time, I heard collectors mentioned about it but the video review sounds was not clear. I found a link through a eBay seller about the reviews done by a Korean guy. The main difference that I notice are as the following:

  1. Sounds (pronunciation difference) - Korean follows the English pronunciation and has echo effects. For example, Fang memory; Japan said Fangu while Korean said Fang. Joker memory; Japan said Jokarrr while Korean said Joker.
  2. Casing color - Looks more transparent on the Korean version
  3. Stickers - Japan version sticker is more shinny while Korean version has darker color.

You may view video by endeavor2002.


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