Monday, May 26, 2008

~ Kamen rider SD old rider 1 & 2

These are the latest SD Kamen rider figure which is added into my collections last month. I got them from US. They are indeed very cute and produced by Bandai with the size of about 2" inches tall. I only able to get these kind of SD figures once a blue moon as it is very difficult for me to find them in my country plus the shipping cost from US is usually 10 times more expensive then the value of the figures :( All these riders are the early version of Kamen rider one and two. Hopefully, I can find the Kamen rider Amazon and Stronger as this set is supposed to come with both of them.

Rider one and rider two posing :P

Kamen rider one

Kamen rider two

Kamen rider two (another version)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

~ Hotwheels Ferrari Fxx (Yellow)

FXX !!! This is the latest Ferrari added in 2008 First edition series. FXX has 3 types of colour: Red, black and yellow. Currently I only have the red and yellow. The sculpt or mould for this car is almost identical to real car. Very cool !!!

The white racing stripes!!! Yummy, I like those stripe!!!

There is a tiny Ferrari logo located in front of the bonnet.

This car is cool and sporty. However, I hope Mattel can use thicker yellow to spray on this car as you can see there are many irritating green-blue like lines on the car. Yellow is my favourite colour but I have to avoid most of the car in yellow which has this similar problem. Only very few die-cast company is able to produce qualiy yellow painted car.

There are quite many details for this small die-cast car which really suprise me!!!

There is a white "FXX" word located at the center of the spoiler.

It has black plastic base and is made in Malaysia.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

~ Tomica Suzuki Skywave

Hehe, here is my very first die-cast bike in my collection. Suzuki Skywave in 1/38 scale is a brand new mold produce by TOMY.

The lamps are transparent with silver internal. There is a "S", Suzuki logo in between the lamps.
The bike is steerable but to a limited degree around 25-30 degree left or right.

There is also tiny "Skywave" wordings on both sides of the bike. The exshaust pipe is painted in silver and made from die-cast metal.

The handle is made from plastic and painted in silver while the seat is made from black plastic.
Actually, this bike is quite heavy as the ody of the bike is made from die-cast metal expet the wheels, seat, lamps, "windsceen" and handle are made from plastic.

The wheels are rotatable and made from plastic and real rubbers!!!.This bike was made in 2006 by Tomy, China.

Size comparison with a 1-64 size car.

Friday, May 9, 2008

~ Tomica Honda Civic Type R

Huhu, it has been almost 2 months i didn't do any review as i was rushing my college stuff :P Anyway, thanks to all fellow visitors who still visit my blog ;) Alrite,I am gonna continue doing the review on Tomica Civic Type R.

Cool!!! That's the first word i wanna say when i first look at this car. This car is too hot as it's very difficult for me to find one. Once again thanks to my friend who help me grab this white hot babe. It is in 1/64 scale.

This Civic has red Honda emblem or logo which actually signify Type R. The headlamps are painted in silver but i hope they were in chrome colour. Those black parts on the bumper are painted in black.

The design of this Tomica looks almost identical to real car!!! This civic also has suspension!!! However, the doors are fully sealed. It has black interior and nice white lines wheels!!!

Now, heres the best part of this car. There are extra tiny details wording(Civic and Type R) at the back of the car.

The spoiler is directly connected to the body and is fully die-cast.

Oh man check this out!!! This Civic can actually open its bonnet to reveal its engine!!! Although the engine is not detail but this car still looks cool to me. Its very hard to find a 1/64 scale car that can open bonnet!!!

It has black base and is produced in year 2007 by Takara Tomy, Made in China.

It's time for Fast and Furious action !!!! Vroom ....!!!


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