Tuesday, June 25, 2013

~ S.H.Figuarts SHF Kamen Rider X

Latest released of Figuarts showa rider the Rider X !!! Of course, he is a must have for classic showa fans. Earlier, I have a doubt to buy him but in the end I still ordered him from a Japanese online store. I am glad to own him. He has great amount of accessories. I am happy to see he comes with many type of weapons and hands. About the design and molding, I would give him 4.5 out of 5 stars. Actually, I can't really give a significant remarks on the design part as Rider X has too many version since he was introduced. I saw a picture in Facebook showing that almost every 2-3 years, the designer keep on redesign his mask. Some people might prefer bigger eyes while some prefer smaller eyes. Let us back to the figure review. He comes with two type of weapons which are 3 rods and the sword. Additional rod can be twisted around. Two different style of scarf are provided for better posing. The chest part is well designed to hide the lining due to 2 separate parts. Any bending action pose does not affect the looks of the figure. Besides that, the MRSP price set for this Rider X is reasonable as well. So go get one for your collection !!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

~ Transformers Prime Ultra Magnus Beast Hunters ( Robot Mode)

This is another great mold released by Hasbro. I like its design. The moment I saw it, I buy it without any hesitation. The main molding is almost the same as the RID Optimus Prime except they change the shoulder and chest parts. :) He also comes with wings that can be detached and a hummer. I just hope he has darker blue.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

~ Transformers Metroplex Generation Hasbro by ChErikS

Darn !!! I can't wait to get mine. But its a pain for most of us to make a choice as there are 3 different Metroplex versions i.e. Hasbro, Takara, and Hong Kong event exclusive edition. The Hong Kong version is the most expensive based on the pre order price. I wanted to get the Hasbro version but rumors said that it will be Toy R Us exclusive released in Malaysia. Takara version will have more paint job and has double gun according to rumors while the HK version will have different color scheme. Well all these news are rumors. I am waiting for the actual official photos to be released. You can check out the size of this Metroplex !!! Omega Supreme alone already took quite many space in my cabinet, I don't think Metroplex can fit in my cabinet.

Source: ChErikS from tfw2005.com

~ NEWS: Transformers Menasor in Transformers Movie 4 ?

By looking at these photos, I think another Decepticons combiner is coming up in Transformers movie 4 !!! This is really cool !!! I can't wait to see see their actual forms and looks in the movie !!! There are truck, Lamborghini and chopper in the photos. Recently this character is really popular among the third party Transformers toy company. They are releasing their own combiner toys and upgrade parts. I wish to see Hasbro release the original one. Now its the time !!!

Source: Yummyboyac from Instagram

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

~ EVENT: Gundam Mid Year Competition Challenge 2013 Malaysia

Gundam Mid Year Competition is back !!! See you there !!! I am still busy with my work, hopefully this Sunday I can give a visit ;)

Date: 3rd until 9th June
Venue: Sungei Wang, Kuala Lumpur, Concourse Level
Special: Modified painted kits, and promotion bargain price for new released Gundam kits.

Facebook News: Club Gunpla


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