Wednesday, December 18, 2013

~ SHF Figuarts Kyoryu Red VS Abyss !!!

Both of them have special arm weapons !!! Guess who will win this fight? I am late in getting this Kyoryu red. I am not really a fan of this sentai ranger but his gimmicks sure looks cool !!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

~ Tips for Online Purchase for Toys

I had seen many people have asked many questions but those questions have similarity. Well, let me summarize the questions and I will provide you the answers and some tips based on my own experienced. I had made quite a lot of transactions since 2007. We can divide the online purchase into two separate groups i.e. Domestic ( Internal) and International type.

Tips that must be followed whether you are buying locally or Internationally. You should always :-
  1. Take extra caution when you are making first purchase from a website or seller that you do not know. Ask your friend or use Google to search for their history. Always check the feedbacks from other users or buyers. This is to avoid from cheating and scamming case. Anything can happen !!!
  2. Check seller whether they allow to do COD ( Cash on delivery). This the best way which allow you to get the item instantly and can verify the quality of the item.
  3. Next, ask what kind of payment method is accepted by the seller. Please be-careful with the information that you provide to the seller or website especially credit card. Make sure that their website address always has a padlock icon or shown as "https://". Did you notice the extra "s" which stands for secured payment. Your internet address bar usually will shown in green. Keep you receipt if you are using local bank transfer or ATM.
  4. You can request the seller to take a photo of the actual product. This is the first verification step.
  5. Next, you can request the seller to pack the item properly. I had encountered with some sellers that ship item without proper shipping box !!!
  6. Always request seller to use shipping method that has tracking number. This way is to ensure that your item can be tracked. Do not try to save the small amount of money. The moment that you are starting to worry where is your item after expected arrival deadline, is not worth it!!! No one knows and no one can help you because the pos office also cannot track !!!
  7. For safer payment method, you can use Paypal. For more information you can visit Paypal website. They give buyer protection.

Tips for buying from overseas. You should make sure:-
  1. You made purchase below RM500 including insurance, items price, and shipping fees. Always round up to a slightly higher than what you had paid. Local custom rates is slightly higher than what bank had offered. There is one regulation or Akta that allow custom to tax you if exceed RM500. As for toys the rate is 15% of total fees. Different countries have different rules and regulations !!!
  2. Avoid using courier company, I was tax a few times until recently only I had found out the main reason that caused me to get tax is because they applied some sort of fix shipping rates according to their own table. They can write RM300 or RM500 at the shipping fees column regardless of the actual fees that you paid is acutally less than RM100. The moment you call them up, they will always blame the custom and is not responsible for the tax duty. You can use your local pos services, they have proper shipping forms that contain all the details. SAL registered and EMS speed post are the best methods.
  3. Always try to use Paypal for making international payment.
  4. Check your own country custom rules and regulations for more information regarding prohibited goods and duty fees for other items.

Hope the above tips can help you. :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

~ S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Wizard All Dragon Forms ( Flame, Water, Hurricane, Land )

Alright, finally managed to complete all dragon forms Wizard. Bandai really made big bucks from wizard. Only the Flame form is normal release while the other 3 are limited release. This apply for the normal forms Wizard as well. But, overall I think the Wizard Dragon forms are worth to get as every form comes with extra unique accessories.

Friday, October 11, 2013

~ NEWS: KO Bootleg Masterpiece Red Alert MP-14 Released In Malaysia

Beware that the KO bootleg stocks has reached our shore. Be alert !!! Do not be deceived by the cheap price tag !!! As usual pirated copies have lower quality. You can check the video review of comparison between the authentic and KO.

Video Credits: RocketPunchArmy from Youtube

Thursday, October 10, 2013

~ Malaysia Hotwheels Collectors Anniversary Dinner in March 2013 (HWCM)

It has been almost 3 years that I "stop collecting" die-cast cars. Hmm, not really stop but is slowed down in buying die-cast as most of the time cannot find good stuff. I am surprise to see someone selling a special edition car which is Satria Neo. Then, I quickly Google and found out that Malaysia collectors actually has gone into the level of customizing which is almost on par to International level. I am happy to see fellow collectors have that really "burning hot" passion in customizing the vehicles such as Satria Neo, Volkswagon, Trucks and many more. I like their decals design. Click the following link for more photos and details.

Credits:Kownphotography Blogspot


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