Thursday, December 20, 2012

~ Fallen of Cybertron Transformers Swindle Bruticus (Deluxe)

This is deluxe class version of Fallen of Cybertron (FOC) Swindle which is based on the design of FOC game. I like Swindle. I am not sure why maybe he has cool looking face. This Swindle actually can combine with other 4 robots to form a giant robot called Bruticus. I didn't get the other 4 as the color are not so nice. I prefer the SDCC version which is based on actual game color. Too bad SDCC version is event limited item. So far I didnt see any local shop bring in that version. I will wait for the Takara version that many rumors it will have metallic finishing.

The only bad thing about this figure is the back !!! He has no back armor? 1 hit sure die, I guess. 

He has purple eye but not made from translucent plastic. Too bad. :(

He has waist joint and 360 degrees side twist joint on top thigh. I like!!!

I like this pose very much. Let's go for battle !!! 


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