Sunday, February 20, 2011

~ S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider OOO (Preview)

Previous rider called Double with 2 colors. Now, this rider has 3 colors. A very colorful rider indeed.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

~ 超造形魂 Chozokei Damashii Scan Heroes Kamen Rider Black

Kamen Rider Black !!! One of my favourite rider after Shadowmoon. This figure is about the scale of 10cm as well.

Added black panel lining to the mouth and silver some touch up.

All the "joints" are in dark brown color.

I have retouch up the belt and added black panel lining. The paint job quite bad.

The joint at back knee on Medicom DX Black.

This figure has better mold on the knee.

A comparison with vintage Black figure. This vintage figure about 15 years back was my first Rider figure when I was young.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

~ Transformers January Haul

I am quite happy as I still can get Binaltech Meister 08 !!! a.k.a Jazz. Mazda RX-8 + Jazz = Woohoo!!! But I got it at the price almost double the retail price. Huhu...

Another cool car Scion BB (Skids). This is the alternator version.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

~ 元祖SDガンダム SD Gundam List & Review

I found an almost complete list of another type SD Gundam series which is 元祖 ("Original ancestor??") compiled by a Japanese, "Lifezoids". This series were produced by Bandai,China. Yes, Made in China. I have 5 of them. Regretted didnt buy as many as I can when I have the chance last time. I miss the Physho Gundam =( It is transformable. As for No.1 and No.2, I think both of them are Nu Gundam and Sazabi if not mistaken which my cousin brother own them before. I quite like this series. The plastic looks like toy but is solid and durable. The mold is quite nice as well and some of them has transparent eyes kinda cool. Last but not least, almost every unit will have own unit gimmick like press a button the hand will move or shoulder shake. It's really kinda fun. Anyway, some of the models were reissued under SD Generation F in conjunction with released of the game. The kits were coated in silver and other metallic color but the eye balls in sticker were removed.

LINK >>>>> 元祖SDガンダム

Thursday, February 10, 2011

~ Painting skill by Umintyu3

I found a Japanese blog show his unique painting skills for model kits and figures. I like his under water effect painting skill. It might be useful for you guys if wanted to learn more painting skills as he show the instruction on how to paint them but you will need a translator as the blog is written in Japanese. The following link direct to 3rd party blog.

LINK >>>>> Umintyu3

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

~ Masterpiece MP09 Rodimus Prime @ Hot Rod

I am not sure what happen to toy manufacturer nowadays. The quality control is not as good as last time. A product should get improvement over time. It's masterpiece but the quality disappointed me; I guess not only me. I just viewed a review done by Optibotimus, it seems the recent released of new transformers masterpiece quality isn't that good. Plastic easily get snaps while transform. The plastic really look thin and flimsy for a toy that needs transformation. You may view the following video for a clearer "picture".

Video Credits: optibotimus from Youtube

Sunday, February 6, 2011

~ 超造形魂 Chozokei Damashii Scan Heroes Shadowmoon

Shadowmoon!!! My favourite Kamen Rider. He is bad guy but I still like him. This figure stands at 10cm. I didn't know Chozokei Damashii (CD) released is not compatible with other Kamen Rider gashapon. They stand in between HG/ DG (8cm) and HDM (12cm) series. I couldn't display them together. The figures released in CD line also have crystal eyes like HDM series. Some latest HG KR do have transparent but no crystal eyes. I bought this CD3 set is because of this Shadowmoon. S.H.Figuarts is going to release Shadowmoon soon under Tamashii limited as expected as he got the top votes to be released this year. Anyway, I quite dissapointed with the initial design of the Shadowmoon SHF as he is too skinny for me. I hope they will improve it in the end as there are quite many Shadowmoon figures can be used as reference for SHF release.

This figure has great mold and details. The only problem is the paint job is quite bad. I touched up the silver part of the armor, black details on the head and the belt.

Side view.

A closer view. I like the details and the green bug crystal eyes are cool.

The red part of the sword is made of plastic painted in transparent rose pinkish red.

A black & white photo :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

~ Happy Chinese New Year

Today, 3rd Feb is the first day of Chinese New Year which is also a rabbit year. I wish everyone has a prosperous and healthy year. Enjoy your holiday and have a safe journey to those who travel back hometown. =D

~ SD Gundam Sentinel EX (NEXT)

This is a brand new series of SD gashapon Gundam called SD Warrior NEXT. Each capsules cost 200yen (RM8) which is double the size of previous series at 100yen (RM4). However, the size is bigger almost double than the previous release. I will show the size comparison in the future post. The main highlights of this series are they are more detail and articulated. There are plastic joints at shoulder and pelvis.

The back details.

The cool beam smart gun. There are some sloppy paint job on the chest and shoulder.

The following are the main parts. There are few more tiny parts that can be seperated which I noticed after I took this photo. On top right are the joints. Total number of joints is 8 which included the waist joint.

The gun at the side waist is movable too !!! I like the sculpture of this EX-S. It looks cute but cool at the same time. =) The paint job looks like the paint used for the Gundam Fix Figuration series.


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