Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~ Chozokei Damashii Scan Heroes 3

I went to collect this from a local toy shop last week. This is my first set of Project BM! released of trading figures. Each big box contains 8 smaller boxes. The box is bigger than the HDM's box but the figure is smaller which is just 10cm. =.=" I bought this set is because of Black and Shadowmoon. The quality is just so-so same as other trading figures released by Bandai like gashapon figures. I would expect higher quality as it is BM! series and paid a more premium price compared to HDM series. The molds are ok and have great details. The riders have clear eyes too !!! I will do a short review soon.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

~ SD Gundam Destroyer (Gashapon)

Destroyer Gundam !!! Another huge transfomable Mobile Suit (MS) !!! The design is quite good on both MS and MA (Mobile Armor) form. This MS appeared in Seed Destiny series. Ibought it from other forummer which I think it is from the Full Color version. Too bad I haven't get the Custom series version which can transform.

The two huge "Rifle gun" at the back.

It can only do very basic actions. Twist head and hands.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

~ Char Aznable's Mobile Suit (SD version)

Here are the Mobile suit pilot by Char Aznable. There is another mobile suit pilot by Char which is Hyakushiki in Zeta Gundam series but he did not appear as Char Aznable identity so I excluded Hyakushiki in this photo.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

~ S.I.C Kiwami Kamen Rider Nega Den-O (Jusco Japan Limited)

I got this item from Japan. He is the dark version of Den-O which is the antagonist. He appear in the Den-O. I like the purple scheme and tatoo on this bad ass. :P I guess I will temporary keep him in box first since he is limited and my cabinet don't have anymore space.

More detail view on belt and tatoo.

There is tatoo on the sword too.

The limited marking.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

~ SD Gundam UC 0079 One Year War Great Battle Scene

Gundam VS Zaku IIs

Gundam VS Z'GOK

Gundam VS Gelgoog (This is one the best classic scene =D)

Gundam VS Zeong

After looking at all the photos above, what did you noticed? Char Aznable has changed 4 times of mobile suit(MS) but he is my favourite MS pilot in Gundam.

~ Hotwheels

Year 2010 already past. I realized that I missed out quite many nice models Especially Ecto 1, Batmobile and some Ferrari model new mold. Anyway, I am still glad that I still able to get Porsche 911 GT2. It's really a nice model with accurate mold and has transparent headlamps. Good work Mattel !!! There is a funny trend in last years release for Hot Wheels. I not sure you guys noticed the colors or not? There were so many green cars released !!! Apple green, metallic dark green, army green etc. LOL...Hmm... A "symbol" for recycle?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

~ Sangokuden SD Gundam Battle Diorama (Bakuc 2010)

I know the event already past 1 month +, but this masterpiece is my 2nd favourite after the core fighter muzeum diorama.

Let the battle begins

The Pom- pom girls. Ermm...I mean Pom-pom Zakus haha. They are cute.

This is the most interesting part. Army Zaku taking his own sweet time to fishing. The water effect !!! I wonder how the owner made this. It looks so real.


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