Sunday, December 28, 2008

~ NEWS: Choro Q S2000 s and RX8 Police Patrol

Finally, after a very long wait. New Choro Q series have arrived in our local stores!!!

Cool aggressive design. New bumpers and skirting.

Added a new patrol car in my collection :P

I temporary only saw these 2 cars, still haven't seen 46,52,54,55,56,57.....I am still looking for the Hummer H2 and new 2008 Subaru. Anyone has any idea?


Janus Lu said...

Hmm...I like the 2nd pict Japan police patrol car, it remind me of the Patlabor anime, hehehe...

zehobby said...

Oh yeah, now u reminded me also....hehe especially the words "Jing shi ting" :P

Janus Lu said...



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