Wednesday, September 17, 2008

~ Yummy Moon Cake !!! =D

On 14 August 2008, most of the Chinese were celebrating the once in a year festival known as "Moon cake or lantern festival". According to the myth, the moon is round in shape on this particular day. During this season, you may see some of the kids playing lantern while eating moon cake during night. Friends or cousins giving out moon cakes to one another as gift. Unfortunately, this "Moon cake atmosphere" is getting less common nowadays. Oh well thats all that I can describe as I havent been into the celebration of Moon cake festival.

Anyway, I am able to enjoy the moon cakes gave by my aunt which brought back from China. This is the first time I am able to taste the moon cake from other countries. I have taken a few photos of moon cake to share with you all =)

Lets unseal the packing.

Check out the golden brownish moon cakes. Yummy!!! This is one of my favourite taste moon cake. There are many types of taste available such as chocolate, read bean , "snow-skin" , fruit and many more!!! Recently i heard from news, ice-cream moon cake also available in China. They are so innovative!!! Muslim friends also can have a taste on moon cake. You just have to look for halal moon cake. Most of the moon cake without egg yoke is halal.

Come let me feed you. =) Lets have a bite!!! =P


Janus Lu said...

Yummy! I prefer pin pi mooncake and the jelly mooncake, yum yum!

zehobby said...

Haha i also like bin pi mooncake but my mom tdidnt buy so cant eat =X

Janus Lu said...

Hmm...just buy 1 outside and eat it before go home, hahahaha...joking only.


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