Sunday, December 13, 2009

~ HG Masked Kamen Rider Glaive (Missing Ace Blade)

This Kamen Rider design is very unique. He looks more like Sentai or Power Rangers to me. However it has very nice color scheme. He is from the Missing Ace of Kamen Rider Movie Series. There are 3 new riders introduced in this movie who are Glaive, Larc and Lacus. He also appears in the Kamen Rider Decade TV series. I sold off this Glaive recently as I was planned to get the Garren Jack form from the HG gashapon. Anyway, it sure does has a good color scheme and is poseable too. He stands at 4 inches tall.

The arms and head have articulations.

The big "A" equals to Ace. :p

The right elbow has articulation !!!

A close up picture :)

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