Saturday, June 5, 2010

~ Awakening of Super Piccolo

Piccolo: " Harrrrrrr .........."

I got this diorama set after my brother convinced me to get the diorama type of gashapon insted of the HG series. There are few nice diorama in "Imagination Figure part 3" series. I like the effect part of this set especially the lightning or wave. However, I am quite dissappointed with the size as I thought it was the same size as the part 2. The Piccolo only about 5.5cm tall =_="


Janus Lu said...

Well, I think it is good, bro. The wave effect really nice! Though it was a bit small in size but easy to keep, right? :)

Uncle Bulk said...

Haha, yup easier to keep. But i just hope they are the same scale throughout the series. As some big, some small is kinda weird to display them together ~

Janus Lu said...

I see. :)


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