Sunday, August 15, 2010

~ Hotwheels & Matchbox Little haul (July & August)

My little small-small of haul of HW and Matchbox :) It's been quite long I didn't buy any die-cast cars.

Speed Machine McLaren F1

Hmm, I havent seen this mold before. I guess its a new mold. Please correct me if I am wrong. A very nice car indeed ;)
Brief biodata of McL F1

Aston Martin DBS (2010 New Mold)

It's a great mold just "pair" it with my my favourite AM, Vantage V8. :)

Shelby 427 S/C. I think this is the 7th color in my collection. LOL can't really keep up its repaints !!! Too many. Oh yea this year release has no metal base !!! No wonder when I hold this car feel different. Anyway, the pink color one still my favourite :P

Volkswagon SP2 (2010 New Mold)

Good details on the car. Hope there will be black and recolor version in the next wave.

Repaint or adding the details to front sure makes this car looks great :)

Audi R8. One of my favourite mold that I collect the repaints ;)

Bentley Continental. My another favourite mold.

Red London Bus with different decals.

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