Tuesday, September 28, 2010

~ Kinsmart Mitsubitshi Lancer Evolution X

I grabbed this hot machine while walking along street in China. The details are simply amazing especially the headlamps and the chrome made me very hard for me to resist to buy it !!! Furthermore, the price is quite resonable and affodable. It's in 1/32 scale. Oh well, I collect all sort of scale model cars as long as they have great details. :)

Check out the chrome grill and details of headlamps.

Very nice accurate mold done by Kinsmart. Rubber tyres, rubber tyres??? Yup this car has rubber tyres and pull-back action !!!

Another great details here.

Black Evo X. Cool huh?
I am still looking for the EVO 8. If anyone saw it at local shop please inform me. Thanks !!!

1 comment:

Trust Diecast said...

luucky! i want this model in my country,but unfortunately still doesnt arrive,Kinsmart make great cars lately and i hope to have this one too,congrats!


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