Saturday, April 14, 2012

~ SD Gundam Spallow (Next)

Last two weeks, I saw new series of gashapon available in Jusco and decided to try my luck while waiting for my friends in Mid Valley. The gashapon now cost RM10 (200 yen) per spin. =( I spin two times in total but did not get what I really want !!! Why? Why? Why? I always has no luck for red machines??? I couldn't get red zaku, Sazabi, Sinanju and this a huge red mobile armor in Unicorn series. That's really sad !!! Anyway, I got Spallow from Gundam Age and another one will be revealed soon.

The parts that you will get and need to be assembled. I already assembled the joints.

Hey come come !!! It is very colorful. However touch up still need to be done on gashapon figures as usual. You can see certain parts on the body are not painted properly.

Slashhhhh !!!

It has 8 joints including elbow joints that can swing 360 degrees that SD BB Gundam don't have !!!

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