Thursday, August 23, 2012

~ Transformers Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime (Robot mode)

Here is the latest version of Optimus Prime design based on the Fall of Cybertron 2012 game. It is the deluxe class version. Some people may not like this design. It looks like combination of LEGO and Revoltech to me. But it is still a good figure. Let us go through the simple review.

The box art and box design looks simpler compared to earlier version of War of Cybertron toy. 

Optimus Prime still retain his cool and strong leadership looks. 

The side view. 

Now, here comes a problem which is his back has many ugly empty holes. I don't like this type of holes which make the figure looks cheap and simple. If you collect Gundam model kit, you will know what I mean. 

A closer looks on the chest and waist. He has waist articulation which is great !!! I like figure that has waist joint. Transformers figure often ignore this. 

Super kick !!! Yes, he can stand with single leg. 

Optimus can do many action poses. 

He can do running pose. I like this pose which suits the card image. Another good view here if you can notice his action. His head can looks up !!! This is the second figure that I notice which can look up after Armada deluxe Optimus. 

He can kneel down naturally as well, no problem. 

I will add a few photos more. I forgot to take a size comparison photo. Anyway, he is smaller than usual deluxe class size which is quite close to TF Prime series. He is smaller than War of Cybertron Optimus by about one head.

Final Comments:
  1. He has great articulations.
  2. Has waist joint.
  3. Head can looks up.
  4. Can do kneeling pose.
  5. Almost accurate  to CG design.
  6. Has wrist joints.
  7. Simple transformations.

  1. Bad gun design. Simple single piece of plastic.
  2. Many holes on the body.
  3. Smaller size compare to previous series deluxe class by about a head (2cm).
  4. Light.

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