Wednesday, January 23, 2013

~ Transformers Prime Arm Micron AM-29 Shockwave Robot mode (Part 2)

This is the Takara Tomy version of Shockwave. Hasbro released it as the Generation series. It is classified as deluxe class. Takara version provided a sheet of stickers for both Shockwave and his arm micron. The below images shown Shockwave without the stickers. I think put the stickers the figure will look nicer. I will do it when I have the proper time. Sticking stickers require time and good patience as well as skills.

Front view. I like this mold of Shockwave. The design is faithful to the G1 design. The purple color tone is just nice. Hasbro version is dark purple color. 

He is really pose-able, can do many action pose. 

Power wave !!!

Aye aye sir !!! 

Clear translucent pink eyes. 

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