Tuesday, May 14, 2013

~ S.I.C Masked Kamen Rider J Toei Limited Authentic Original

I bought this item quite sometime ago. I think it was mid of last year. Around year 2007 I wanted to purhase this but afraid of fake product. The price was around RM350+ last time. Please be aware that there is fake product in the market. It is quite hard to identify the item according to some collectors comments. The packaging and item is quite similar to the genuine unit. I heard that the bootleg or fake product has bad white paint job on the face. The red marking in the box has different number and box has more tapes. Authentic item has retape marking as well. Other than that is box color has slightly lighter color tone but you have to compare to the real one only you can notice it. I like this figure very much. It has nice "bug eyes" and shinny metallic green body color. However, Rider J has limited articulations as it was released by using the same ZO base mold. Rider J also does not comes with much accessories. I wish Bandai could include the "J" signature hand. Recommended price of getting this is RM300-RM350.

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