Friday, July 5, 2013

~ NEWS: KO Bootleg Transformers Masterpiece MP12 Sideswipe Lambo

According to, there are fake or bootleg copies of MP12 Sideswipe which are going to release into the market. The main big issues here are the box and figure look so identical to the real one. They even have the almost same carton box from Takara Tomy. Some rumors said these bootleg might be the reject stocks  or stolen parts from the factory. These items apparently popped up in China website Taobao and some Ebay store. Another rumors saying that those KO factory might possible having KO MP10 Convoy and MP13 Soundwave "under development". I hate bootleg especially if the seller are very dishonest and sell them same as the authentic product price. Beware when you are going to buy one !!!


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