Saturday, September 14, 2013

~ SHF Figuarts Kamen Masked Rider Blade Review

It has been 2 years for me to wait for the Blade series to be released. I told my brother that I am going to stop buying figuarts after all riders and forms released as well as some showa riders especially Roborider and Biorider. As usual, the preorder sold out very quickly on most of the online store. I couldn't manage to make a preorder. So, I had to buy it from local hobby shop. I got mine at RM120 for Malaysia version. If I manage to order 1 online, maybe can get around at RM100 because I preorder a few items from the online store which could save the shipping cost. Ok lets get back to the review. Blade is looking stunning from outside of the box. I like the chrome silver painted armor. Thank GOD !!! Bandai didn't use the ordinarily dull silver paint. Overall proportion looks ok, only the head is a bit smaller and looks longer. I am not sure why Bandai do this to Blade as the Souchaku Henshin Line face has better proportion than SHF. I am guessing they are keeping the better one for future usage. The QC for Blade is 6.5/10. Look out for the paint chips on the chest armor and the sloppy red lines on the chest armor as well as dusty surface. I saw a few units were touch up by the silver paint on the scratched surface. I don't think this should happen or should be minimized.

This set has very nice accessories. He comes with Rider kick effect part and a stone as a holder for the sword. I like the lightning effects disperse from the red kick effect. Of course, he do comes with the small cards. Unfortunately, the card deck rouzer cannot be pull out like in the show. The transparent part on top left of the contents is the "pull-out" rouzer mode.

Hiyakkkk !!! Thrust the sword onto the ground !!! The improved version of body that blade use allow his foot to be able to twist more freely. Bandai added a pint hole joint at the back of foot which enable them to twist sideways. Another improved area is the shoulder armor area. But for me, I don't really this idea. The shoulder armor can now freely lift up and down at wider angle and looks more naturally. This time the shoulder armor has 3 points of articulation. I forgot to take the photo when the shoulder armors fell down. They actually get connected by a very very very small, short and fine connector. I got tension when I tried to plug back the armor. The other part of joint keep swinging around which is quite annoying. Large fingers people might have difficulties to fix it.

Bandai also has improved the eyes of Figuarts. This time the inner details are very fine which has better scale compared to previous released figuarts. Example like Double W series, the inner details are too large for its scale.

His boots bottom have Spade logo. 

Rider kick !!! 

Here comes the challenge !!! You have to stick the stickers on the rouzer by yourself. The are 30+ pieces of small stickers. Make sure you follow the number. I will apply them when I am free later. Oh ya, don't forget to clean the clear part surface with a clean cloth before you apply on them. They seem to be slight oily on the part surface. 

These are the cards sealed in a small plastic bag. Temporary prefer not to open the bag to avoid those card get lost. Get a container first before you open the bag for storage. 

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