Monday, August 18, 2014

~ Hasbro Leader Class Transformers Generation JETFIRE 2014 (Robot mode)

I am going to do a quick review for this figure. I bought this figure yesterday and it was released as AEON exclusives in Malaysia. The moment I heard it was released, I quickly grab it without any hesitation. The figure design looks great almost similar to G1. I am glad Jetfire is released as Leader class. I am satisfied with the detail. It looks simple and clean with shinny chrome parts. The cockpit is detail which has 2 seats. It also comes with detachable battle mask. However, there are a few cons in this figure. Hasbro seriously cut down a lot of production cost for this figure. No electronic parts, hollow holes on the thigh and arms, no wrist articulations, no waist articulations, it is surprisingly that this figure is not heavy. Actually, this Jetfire looks more like a oversize Voyager class figure. Last but not least, paint chipping issues always there for a figure comes with chrome parts even it is freshly removed from packaging. My unit suffered a few chipping, a more serious chip on the back pack. If you are worry about chrome chipping issue, you might consider to get the Takara version which will be released soon in 3 months time. Overall, this is still a great figure for G1 fans !!!

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