Monday, August 3, 2015

~ Marvel Legends WAR MACHINE MKII Age Of Ultron

I managed to acquired this War Machine last week. Luckily, the Malaysian waves has extra War machine per carton. Its a very cool figure. I like the sculpt very much as it has great proportion compared to Figuarts. If not mistaken, Hasbro reuse the Iron Patriot mold to make this figure. I missed the Iron Patriot Marvel Legends figure. This figure also comes with the open mask head which has Rhodey face inside which allow you to swap. I didnt put on that head as my Rhodey face paint has smudge mark. Besides that, the main color of the body is molded in metallic black plastic. The outcome is quite nice and solid. Next, the cannon at the back is adjustable by "plug-in" into one of the two slots at the back. The arm of cannon is adjustable as well ; it can swing up and down but with limited angle. Lastly, the downside of this figure are without extra hands and paint finishing is below average based on the usual Marvel Legends figure released. I wish it has the open palms to do blasting action.

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