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The new Kratos from God of War 3 PlayStation game. I quickly preordered this figure when I saw it was up for preorder few months back. It's a real cool action figure I must say. He stands at 7 inches @18cm tall. A real solid figure. He comes with decent accessories includes extra head with different facial expression, a pair of Blade of Exile, a pair of gaunlet Namean Cestus. It would be nice if Neca includes 2 pair of hands i.e. fist and relaxed hands. Actually, I have never play any God Of War games before. I am just admire the design of the character. Neca had released older version of Kratos in the past that I missed out the preorders. Its priced at slightly above RM100. I think its worth it.

This figure comes in a window packaging boxset which resembles a special edition game pack. I am quite sad that the shop gave me a dented box set at the back during colection of preordered item. I requested for another set but they refused to do so. I feel really dissappointed with their attitude after became their loyal customers for almost 15 years since I was study in secondary school. I only able to hint that the shop logo or icon has a human with spectacle and misai looks like an uncle. The box is really looking cool and nice. Its very rarely that Neca release figure with this kind of collector packaging.

Ok, let us us browse through the figure. He has very nice articulations especially legs and arms. The head only can swing right or left about 30 degrees. The arm has shoulder joints, bicep joints, elbow joints, and double wrist joints. The wrist joints are real cool addition to the figure. You swing the wrist 360 degrees and can flip up or down for better natural pose. As for the leg joints has double jointed thigh joints that allow you to swing front and back. Another joint allow you to move the thigh outward or inward up to 60 degrees. However, I am not happy the joints design that allow the inward or outward movement. It begins to becomes loose after doing two simple poses as shown in the photos. It would be nice if they can use ratchet type of joints just like the elbow and knee part.

Besides that, he also has double jointed knee and ball joint on talus area. Wait ! He has foot toe joint as well on his sandals. You can scroll down for the photo of foot joint. This is another good addition by Neca. This joint increase the flexibility of posing. Lastly, he has waist joint and abdomen joints that all action figure must have!

Are you trying to challenge me? The sculpt of this figure can easily get 4.5 out 5 stars from me. I did some touch up on the eyes and eyebrow area as there are some minor incomplete paint. What to do since the shop do not allow me to select another set.

Next, let us looks at the close up on the amazing details of this figure. The scuplt of metal chains and wing alike armor on the leg are superb. The leg armor is made from semi soft rubber. The paint job on the Neca figure is not perfect, but I can see improvement compared to older version of Neca figures. Neca put alot of efforts on this Kratos figure by adding a lot of weathering effect. If not mistaken Neca had used black and white as weathering effect.

The toe joints on the sandals as mentioned earlier. :)

Additional normal Kratos calm facial expression. A great bonus. The replacement of the head is by pull and plug.

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! You can keep the blades on the back. Nice gimmick!

He comes with a pair of gauntlets. You have to plug them on without removing the hands. They looks cool on Kratos but the items are little bit too heavy for the figure to uphold for longer time. As the figure itself is upper part heavier so the figure tend to fall frontward or backward. A display stand is recommended to stablize this figure.

The details on this blade is really cool. Its made from semi translucent orange part. Other details are painted.

Can you see the fresh blood stain the left should armor? Good effect detail but if use darker shed of red would greatly improve the realistic of the figure.

Slash! Slash! Slash! Come on!

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