Friday, October 9, 2009

~ ROTF Transformers Swerve

Swerve is a Autobot scientist. Swerve's alternative form is a Corvette Stingray concept car. Yes!!! A concept car !!! He is actually a repaint of Sideswipe. I am glad that Hasbro improved their TF variation by creating a different head design for different character.

The car has transparent headlamps.

Bottom view of the car.

I feel that this repaint looks more like the G1 color scheme of Sideswipe.

Great detail on his arms and hands.

Check out the details on his legs !!!

The "mech- alive" feature applied at his knees. The knee shiled pad will move up and down if you move the lower part of his leg up and down.

His face has very good details. I love it =)

Now Swerve looks like an archer xD

The only problem that I notice in this figure is quite difficult to make a good action pose. It has balancing issue due to his "roller" foots.

I love this view and I actaully prefer this repaint compared to Sideswipe. Anyway, I would definitely recommend this Sideswipe/ Swerve.
Overall comments:
  1. Great weapon and knee gimmick.
  2. Detail face design.
  1. Very difficult to pose the figure due to stability issues.


Janus Lu said...

Wah! From the view you snap it looks cool! Is this Decepticon robot? It looks like a variation of Side Swipe. :)

zehobby said...

Hahaha wah bro you geng. Yeap its variation of sideswipe but still an autobot. Currently i only got 2 ROTF tf only =( . Miss out many figures during my fyp =.=

Janus Lu said...

Hehehe, that is because my fren told me he brought a variation red sport car ROTF TF toy before with RM59.90. Guess I was right. Look forward the updates, bro. :)

Janus Lu said...

Fuiyoo! I quite like this Swerve, thanks for sharing the photos, bro. I think I saw this bootleg version at the vegetable market, if I am lucky enough I will get it and do some review. Just to compare how terrible the bootleg quality are. :P

zehobby said...

ya. I like his head. Very detail =p Btw, after viewing your pasr malam blog, i try to get some bootleg TF as well but no hope. Those new stock quality really dissappointed =.="""""" Huhu, regretted didnt buy the old batch of stock last time.

Janus Lu said...

Nowadays the old batch bootlegs is like treasure already. Luckily you didn't 'kena bootleg poison'. :P


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