Sunday, October 25, 2009

~ Masked Rider Faiz Gear Complete Selection & DX

I found this video in YouTube and would like to share with masked Rider fans especially Faiz fans. This video review the more detail version Faiz gear compared to DX set for adult. The belt has die-cast component. This set include Faiz pointer, Faiz shot, Faiz driver phone with removable memory chip. However, I notice that this "Complete Selection" set does not have the Faiz case. The gadgets are really detail and cool but the complete set is selling at 30,000 yen according to released at year 2004. Looks like it is very hard for me to get one now. Thanks to Zaidi4ever for sharing his great collection :)

Faiz Complete selection set

Faiz DX set

Video credits: Zaidi4ever from Youtube

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