Saturday, November 7, 2009

~ 2010 Hotwheels & Matchbox Haul ?

Today, I went to collect my Transformers in Mid Valley. It has been almost 4 months I didn't hunt for Hot wheels and Matchbox. I believed I have missed out many goodies on the past few months. Since I was already in the mall, I just go to the toy department to checkout some new toys. I didn't expect there are new waves for Matchbox (Maybe it is already an oldwave to some collectors, I am not sure as I didnt follow up the new release since July). What suprised me is the Matchbox priced at RM4.90 only which is cheaper than the last 7 Eleven promotion !!! At the same time Mattel also released some 2010 edition cars. In Carrefour, I saw many nice cars such as Covertte ZR1, 67 camero, Tool???? (I forgot the name, it has a tail looks like 'spanar') and many nice repaint with nice tempo in this new wave but I only bought 4 cars as each car still cost me RM6.50. I believe Carrefour will have "Buy 3 free 1" promotion in future?

Volkswagon Beetle (2010 Premier, a cute edition ?? xD) & 2010 Mustang (2009 Premier)

2008 Viper SRT10 ACR edition (2010 Premier)

I bought this Viper is because of the art on the card ==" , very nice ~

63' Custom Cadillac (2009 Premier)

This Cadillac looks like Evil Twin......detail !!!

61' Jaguar E-Type (Just buy it because it is painted in my favourite color =p )

Car number plate on the bonnet? =.="

Chevy Impala (Fire Rescue Edition)

GMC Metro School Bus

64' Austin Mini Cooper (Detail !!! )

Honda Civic Type-R (White colour !!! The original color for Type R )

Ford GT (Chrome metal polished finishing, I like chrome car !!!)

Routemaster London Bus (4th Colour ?!)

Ice Cream Cruiser (Cute !!! )

Hotwheels also released a Ice cream van in this new wave.


salha said...

cute2!!!penugumpul toys yang berjaya la u your blog anyway...

zehobby said...

Salha. Thank you =)


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