Sunday, November 1, 2009

~ ROTF Transformers Jolt (Deluxe)

His alt form is a car called Chevy Volt. This car looks really sexy and sporty. It will be released in 2010.

Check out the tyre. This car has brake disc !!! Great detail !!!

Volt !!!

This figure is lack of complete paint job on his face and chest. At the back of card the shows the chest and abdomen are painted. The chest is made from blue transparent plastic. Anyway, I love the Autobot logo.

The back detail.

The only weapon that Jolt has is the electro-whips that require us to manually flip them out. I hope that this whips actually has a spring loaded function. It will be really cool to "pop-out" the weapons.

A view from the side.

The shoulder part is connected by a ball joint.

Another great detail view.

I have added some silver paintjob and black lining on the face. =) Now, the head looks better. However, the head cannot turn freely because the head is blocked by the grey part behind his head. The maximum that you can turn his head is only approximately 10-15 degree left to right and vice- versa.

The knees can bend 90 degrees !!! No problem =)

Overall comments:
  1. Jolt is one of the most poseable figure in Transformers line.
  2. Nice alt mode.
  3. Great detail.
  1. No special feature such as "popping" and auto-morph which were introduced in the first Transformes movie figure.
  2. Lack of important paint job on body and abdomen.


Janus Lu said...

Wah! This one looks pretty cool! Is this a new arrival item?

zehobby said...

haha bro i think dude arrived 2 months ago. It is in the same wave as your black audi @ dead end =p. This jolt has very good articutation. =)

Janus Lu said...

Hmm...I see. Is this robot got gimmick to play? like spring action...:P

zehobby said...

Nope. Too bad. =( but very poseable


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