Monday, January 11, 2010

~ Hotwheels new price tag : RM6.90 !!!

Well-well, I wondering is 2010 a good year ??? Yesterday, I went to Parkson to buy some paint brush. Since I was already in the shopping mall, I just let myself have a glimpse on the Hot wheels. Then, I saw this regular Thunt Classic Packard. I missed this Thunt from past 7e promotion and restock of Tesco. I believe many collectors already feel frighten (in vomit-blood mode) seeing this Thunt. :p It's still a nice Thunt as it has metal body and metal base. Anyway, the highlight of this post is not about Thunt but the RM6.90 price tag !!! =( Every year the price is increasing non-stop. Sigh !!! I really need to limit myself in buying HW as I failed to concentrate on specific toy collections.


RikMun said...

ohgawd...but for a thunt.its worthit for me.=).nice catch bro

Uncle Bulk said...

Thanks bro :) Haha I was tempted to buy the white ford gt. But have to skip it due to the new price tag.

RikMun said...

but the white ford gt is also a must get.a very nice model!luckily i get two during the 7E promotion

Uncle Bulk said...

Wow Rikmun, lucky u. I hunted about 15 7e but got no luck as the 7e staff themselves told me they also hunting lol. So I lost almost all my mood to hunt. But still lucky to get a mini cooper thou :) Alrite will get back to see if the ford still hanging there :P


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