Friday, January 8, 2010

~ My first 2010 Haul

Hi, guys happy 2010. Sorry for the late wish. Yesterday I went to Mid Valley to collect my Kamen Rider stuff and sudden get myself some die-cast cars and transformers. I decided to pick up the 20 die cast cars set as Toys "R" Us offers a very good deal for it's members. Guess what it only cost me RM49.90 for 20 cars (Average RM2.50 each) !!! Regular price is RM89.90. Awesome !!! Toy "R" Us also sells these cars in individual pack but at RM5.50 each. What's more ?!! There are few cars that are impossible for you to get them from those individual pack like Lamborghini, Pagani Zonda and some 4WD truck. Oh well, certain cars' quality or finishing are not good including bad paint job and rough metal edges. However, it's still a nice buy :)

I didn't realise that Smart already release new version of Smart for 2 until I saw this car released by Maisto :) It has great detail !!! Others are Legend class Rodimus and Hound. I bought the Hound in Loose which is ain't cheap at RM15 and was the last piece from a toyshop as I couldn't find it anymore in the retail. Slightly regret as I didn't grabbed it from Tesco last time. Anyway, its a good figure. :)


h0kuan said...

Pagani Zonda nice!

Uncle Bulk said...

Yup haha. Rarely see the pagani diecast :)


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