Thursday, March 18, 2010

~ ROTF Transformers Ratchet (Deluxe)

Hasbro has released a brand new mold Ratchet in ROTF Deluxe line. A lot of improvement can be seen on this figure compared to previous released in the first movie Voyager line.

Here's the tech specification of Ratchet.

Hasbro really did a good job in remolding this Ratchet alt mode. Now, he looks more accurate and detail.

The rear lamps are painted as well. :)

I got to say I love this gun.

Ratchet:" Transform ! "

His back in robot mode.

Theres a holder (gear and spring) allow your to plug in the gun. I am not sure what's the main usage of this part that has gear and spring but it looks cool.

Ratchet: "Rawwwr !". His shoulder and foot are connected by ball joint. Overall, he has the best articulations among the ROTF deluxes. The "Mech Alive" feature is located at his thigh.

His knee is cool. You can bend it close to 180 degrees.

A blue bullet is included. You can pull the trigger to fire :D

Ratchet looks taller and handsome in this new mold. Besides that, the paint job on this figure is great. :) I highly recommend you guys to get this figure.


Janus Lu said...

Oh no!!! I want to get it too! This one will be my next target! Here I come! Rachet! >:P

Uncle Bulk said...

Hey bro, go times square graffiti. RM48 only. Not sure still have or not la. I bought it last week.

Janus Lu said...

Hua! Cheap-wor! Must find a time go there dig treasure! :P


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