Thursday, July 22, 2010

~ MN-1014 II Hand Gun

I bought this toy after my brother asked me to get one as well from a gashapon machine by Bandai, Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. Each spin cost 200 yen. This hand gun is from volume number 14. Wow!!! Released up to vol. 14 already. It is about 4" / 10 cm long depends on type of gun. I must say, this not an ordinary gashapon toy.

Gimmick 1: The parts can be seperated. The below parts are what you are going to get and require you to install the gun. However, the trigger part is pre-installed maybe its quite complicated.

Gimmick 2: The "bullet" can be seperated into case and bullet itself. You must insert the bullet into the case.

Gimmick 3: Now lets us insert the bullets into the megazine. Remember always ensure that you are inserting the case filled with bullets. The are maximum 4 bullets can be inserted into megazine each time. Pull the small tip as shown by the green arrow. Then, you insert the bullet into the area as shown by the orange arrow. In real life I think this megazine is pre-loaded as normally I saw those gun user only changing the megazine when they reload this type of hand gun. ^^

Gimmick 4: You must pull the barrel as shown by the red arrow in the following photo before you insert the megazine into the gun. The small manual come with gun does not inform the customer about this. I almost break the megazine (plastic whitened !!!) when I tried to force it into the gun. Luckily, the gun is made from ABS plastic. I still manage to bend it back.

Gimmick 5: Put the megazine into the gun. Make sure that you plug it in tightly until you hear a "click" sound else your bullet gonna stuck inside the gun.

Gimmick 6: There is a lock for you to lock the barrel for safety purpose. You just have to push it up as shown by the arrow to lock it. ^^ Cool !!!

Gimmick 7: There is a small square shape hole for unloading the bullet case. I like this gimmick alot. Just imagine yourself holding the gun facing up, then pull the barrel. The case will fall out from the hole. Always make sure the case will come out after you shoot. Else you have to open up the parts again to remove it when the barrel got stuck.

A very good scientific toy indeed. I am looking forward for other volume to be released. One thing that I feel dissappointed is Bandai did not seal this hand gun parts with plastic when its in capsule causing some of the brown paint chipped on the grip.


Janus Lu said...

BB gun???

Mr Skull said...

Just added more pics. The details are better than normal BB gun.


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