Sunday, July 11, 2010

~ S.H.Figurarts Kamen Rider Ultimate Form Kuuga

This is the most expensive normal released of Kamen Rider in S.H.Figuarts series at 3300 yen. He does not has much accesories but has many type of hands for you to swap. This set also includes the black eyed Kuuga face. Face? Yes, a face plate. Bandai does not give extra head but require you to swap the face armor. He is taller and heavier than other Figuarts Kamen Rider. Even the Tamashi stage can't support his weight !!! No.....I want his rider kick !!!

Henshin !!!

It has very great details on every parts especially his chest and belt. The center part of the belt is in tranparent black and has tiny details inside.

The sharp "horn" on his sholder armor is made from semi soft PVC but still very sharp !!! 100% not for kids to play this figure.

Another sharp point on his leg.

The black eyed Kuuga. I guess this is the evil form of Kuuga according to the source from Wikipedia. The emblem on his hand is real cool !!!

Kuuga:" Argggh....Let me squash you"

Kuuga:" Decade just bring it on."

Overall, this figure is great. I only feel dissappointed with his extra hands as some are not in proper sculpt or scale especially the default fist is so small and round. =="

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