Monday, October 18, 2010

~ S.I.C Kiwami Kamen Rider Blade King Form

This is the first SIC Kiwami set that I opened after I had bought a few. I am not completist for this line thou, I just collect what I like. I prefer this mold compare to the bigger S.I.C as the head sculpt looks nicer. There are no metal parts for Kiwami lines and stand at 3.75" tall only. These are what you get for this set: King form, 2 weapons and six hands.

This set include Bray Rouzer and King Rouzer. Cool ! ~ The paint job is still acceptable. I like the feel when I hold this King form. A nice detail figure.

I am dissappointed with both of these swords because the other side is not painted !!! Yes plain dark blue only. The joints are ok except shoulder joint due to the bulky armor, his hands can't move up which limits the action pose. Oh well, another problem that kiwami line suffers is quite difficult for us to hold the Bray Rouzer properly.

Royal Straight Flush !!!!

A more closer view on the sword.

The sword can be stored at the back just like the big S.I.C.

When King Blade meets Double.

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