Sunday, October 10, 2010

~ NEWS: Transformers price increase again and again !!!

According to, deluxe class new price will be RM89.90 while voyager class will be RM139.90. That's increase of almost 50% !!! Wow !!! Some of them said it's just a rumor. I hope it's really rumor. If increase by that price, I will be only restrict myself to collect Jazz, Optimus, Ultra Magnus, Rodimus and Ratchet characters. Hasbro already increased 2 times previously which was RM49.90 only for deluxe class.



Janus Lu said...

What a disaster to the consumer if this is true...........X<

Mr Skull said...

Yup bro. Currently, I am thinking to stop buying normal TF only get the masterpiece lol.


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