Wednesday, November 3, 2010

~ Revoltech Queens Blade Alice

This is my 3rd Revoltech but is my 1st non mecha Revotech. She is Alice from Queens Blade. I don't know anything about Queens Blade but I found this Alice is cute so I picked her up. She's very popular until Revotech announce the reissue on the next month after she was released !!! That was really fast. Anyone that havent pick her up act fast. The restock is on early this month. She has many accesories. Revoltech paint job has slight improvement compared to previous released. I still hope they can improve the quality until on par with Figma.

There's a Batman logo on her hair. She's eating a donut. =) I must say the detail is quite good for this figure.


Janus Lu said...

Wow! Looking good! Can do more review about this figure? :)

Mr Skull said...

Ok bro. I do it another in next week. But cant do a full review ;P Heard Queen Blade got erotic element lol.

Janus Lu said...

Lol! Just do the normal review, the rest of it save it for secret view...XD

Mr Skull said...

Will try to add it these few days. Yesterday tried to do the review but saw the color stain from her learther suit on the body =(


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