Sunday, November 21, 2010

~ S.I.C Kiwami Kamen Rider Garren

The articulations on the arm and shoulder. Garren is unable to straighten his hand due to armor blockage. The arm has 5 points of articulations.

The waist has ball joint articulation.

The leg has 5 points of articulations.

The accesories: gun a.k.a. rouzer, rouzer cards, total of 5 hands. Fist x 2, hold gun hand x 2, pick card hand x1. The cards are not removable.

The facesculpt has changed but still nice.

Check out the awesome details on the chest. I added black panel lines on the waist and abdomen parts. Some details removed from the "diamond" that the bigger S.I.C has.

Another transparent orange parts on shoulder armor. I like that !!!

The back has very good details.

Rider kick !!!

Hot, hot weather !!!

It's time to finish this battle. Let's choose my my favourite cards !!!

Verdict: Kiwami retail price at RM49.90 each. Each stand at around 3.75" tall. I think it is worth for the money as Kiwami line still retain major details of the bigger S.I.C. The only compaints for this Garren wave are the sloppy paint jobs and the size has slightly shrunk compared to Blade King Form. Anyway, I touched up my Garren. :)


Janus Lu said...

Hmm...this one looking good, can the cards be taken out?

Mr Skull said...

Erm nope...just fix card pose. Anyway, he looks great. Will add more photos soon....


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