Sunday, December 19, 2010

~ Event: Comic Fiesta 2010 Update

I went to Comic Fiesta with my brother on Sunday around 12 P.M.. The place was so crowded when we reached. The actual venue is in the hotel link to Times Square at 14th floor. Many people start taking photographs of cosplayers outside the event hall. Those cosplayers are cool. I can't believe I can see cosplayers in Malaysia has improved so much. Their clothes and make up are quite close to the Anime version. Oh well, I got the same complain like those who went to the event which is the place is too small. The place was so packed until we have difficulties to walk and take photoshoots. I think the organizers can improve the activities of the event. Luckily the event has two funny "jokers" MC hosted the stage show and cosplay competition else I don't think it is worth to pay RM15 to go into the hall and see those booth selling their merchandise and handcraft. I didn't manage to buy any "souvenir"...Huhu...The Black Rock Shooter T shirt already sold out yesterday. I will upload the event photos tommorow.

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