Thursday, December 9, 2010

~ S.H.Figurarts Machine Decader (Tamashi Limited)

I bought another exclusive item !!! This baby really kill my wallet. It cost almost RM300 for a small plastic bike. But, I think its cool. I plan to skip it but after saw the actual product, I could'nt hold myself from getting it. This set comes with a pair of hands for Decade to hold the handle firmly which is important !

Decade bike looks like combination of American chopper and superbike.

Let's have a look at all the details especially the transparent yellow lamps.

The detail on the engine. This left part engine does not impress me much as they are molded in black in one piece of plastic only without paint application.

The exhaust pipe.

The brake disk is detail but I wonder why there is no holes for those tiny dots? Cyclone (Rider 1's bike) has them and Cyclone is not exclusive item.

Another Decade logo at the "number" plate. There is a small red "reflector" on top of the plate.

Right part of engine and a pedal.

Kamen Rider Decade with Machine Decader looks cool !!!

Decade: " Ma Bike."

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