Sunday, May 8, 2011

~ SD Kamen Rider OOO Combo Together Set

First time for me to get a full set of SD Kamen Rider mini figures. These figures are known as finger puppet to some people as this figures can fit into finger. After I bought this OOO set, I realize that each of the figure has increased 20 Yen. Nowadays, it is quite hard to get these SD from local store maybe due to bad response which is quite sad for me as I have to get them from Japan directly which is more expensive. After adding shipping, each set cost about RM70 for 10 figures in a set. Luckily all has different design and is complete set. Ok, it seems I had talked too much. Let's have a view on those cute riders.

So, totally there are 10 different design in this set. I missed out Tatoba combo in previous released. Each figure is about 2 inches tall.

I have added some detailing to Birth's belt. It was silver in color. Basically, I did minor touched up on almost all units but overall the paintjob is ok. Another figure is Ankh's right arm which I didnt show in photo as I not yet open it up. Kinda creepy for me. Lol !!!

Other riders in this set are Ichigo and Den-O which are actually repeated release figures. Oh yea, Bandai seems to save the cost on painting as the Den-o looks less detail and the paintjob only focus on front. The painting on the side especially leg is not complete.

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