Sunday, May 1, 2011

~ S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider V3 (The Next)

This week review is SHF V3, The Next version. I know this is old released figure but his one the highly sought after riders. Luckily, I am still able to get him after he is reissued around end of last year. I would definately recommend this figure. The sculpt is good except that his face is slightly longer than the actual looks. Otherwise, he is still a nice looking figure and has metal foot. Nowadays, new SHF released rarely has metal foot especially OOO series and Kiva. Oh well, get this V3 if you still able to find him.

I am Kamen Rider V3 !!

These are the items you get in the package. There are total 5 sets of hands.

My favourite feature in SHF, the clear "crystal" bug eyes!!!

Details on belt.

The swappable "flying" scarfs are provided.

I just realized that SHF used screw on the head? O.o

Hurricane Kick !!!


Its chopping time !!!

Ulalala ~

V3:" My grandmother said this, he who walks the path of heaven will rule over everything."

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