Tuesday, September 20, 2011

~ SD Gundam Next Nu Gundam (Next 3)

The molding of this Nu Gundam is quite sharp and good looking. Actually, I only wanted Sazabi and Sinanju but I have no luck that day. Really bad day for me because I straight away spin 5 gashapons that day but didn't get what I want but get "double". =( Alright, the Next series is really nice. Each stands at around 5-6cm tall depends on models and has basic articulations. So, you can do some action pose =) Each cost 200 Yen. Recently, Litt Tak has raised the price for each token to RM5 from RM4. That means each of this Gundam cost RM10 as each need two tokens. That's really pricey !!! I have to stop spin the machine already =(

I like this chopping pose as the beam saber already bended in the capsule. Lol ! ~~

I do hope Bandai can include the gun for this Gundam.

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